Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pocketbook Slippers

Here is a cute little project sent in by Linda Lindsay. Easy fun and quick. Bet you could even get some done by Christmas if started by tonight!

Pocketbook Slippers

Recommended - size 7 needles and worsted yarn

Cast on 5 stitches
Knit 6 rows
Next row – increase in 2nd stitch of each row until you have 23 stitches on the needle.
Next row – increase in each stitch until you have 46 stitches
Next row – knit 2, purl 2 for 40 rows – about 6 inches
Next row – knit 2 tog until you have 23 stitches on the needle
Next row – Decrease in 2nd stitch at beginning of every row until you have 5 stitches left
Knit 12 rows
Cast off, fold in half and sew the ribbed section together at the ends. Overlap one end of the 5 stitch (strap) end over the other, and sew. Decorate with a button or whatever takes your fancy!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010 Minutes

December 2010 Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 11 am, at Nancy Grundy’s home in Carson City. Thank you very much Nancy, for welcoming us. Meetings at Nancy’s house are always very comfortable! We also had a new person in attendance. Welcome Sue Kelly!
Ellen Goldsmith came with her inventory of new alpaca items for sale. If you wanted something and missed this opportunity, please contact Toni Strassburg for information.
The November minutes were not available online as of the meeting date.
Treasurer Report: Doris stated we have paid the reservation for Davis Creek Park, with a $100 refundable deposit. Total balance in account is $2164.50. Dues for 2011 are now due - $25 should be given to Doris please.
Weaving study group will meet January 22nd in Sparks, at 1554 Linda Way. It is a business, however there is space available to set up looms, with chairs. Toni Strassburg will be hosting this meeting. Please contact her if you need more information.
No fair report at this time.
We are still looking for a person to take on publicity. Perhaps there are people in the guild who would be willing to share the responsibility?
Reminder, January 2011 meeting will be held at South Valley Library, so we can view the Gentle Art of Plying DVD part 1. Virva was looking into reserving the library in March, so we can view the second DVD of the same series.
Fiber Challenge: 21 people are signed up to participate! Bags of fiber were passed out at the meeting. Nancy Pryor mentioned there is a bit of vegetable matter in the fiber, and will work with anyone who is having a problem cleaning up the fiber to use. She mentioned some carding methods to eliminate most of the vm. You can add anything you want to the fiber in order to finish your project, and it can be anything of your choosing, so use your imagination. Projects must be finished in August, and will be displayed in our tent during Nevada State Fair.
New guild officers were discussed. Connie Vann is interested in serving as vice president. Virva is willing to continue as president. Also interested in continuing their offices are Toni Strassburg as secretary, Mimi Bullard as learning tree and newsletter, Amy Shannon as webmistress. Barbara Hunt said she would like to assume the raffle duties. We still need someone to take on the hospitality position. This entails bringing the box with the coffee things, and dishes for the potluck meetings.
Update! The equipment list will be on the blog.
New Business: The Great Basin Basket Weavers Newsletter is available if you want to read it. Intermountain Weavers Conference info is also available. Doris has copies of the Heifer International and CERF newsletters available too.
Helen McFarland was in attendance, and she has brand new (eyes just opening!) Welsh Corgi puppies. They will be available for sale as soon as they are old enough. If you are interested, please contact Helen for more information.
Amy mentioned speaking with Kay Fowler. Kay has two Navaho Churro sheep she is trying to find good homes for. Please contact Amy for information if you are interested in providing a home for these sheep. Both are gelded males.
Show and Tell: Barbara; a very nice vest made of Doris’ sheep Ava and  merino/soy sock yarn she purchased from Mim, also hand dyed alpaca sock blank. Janet; 2 ply yarn sample spun by Toni, of her dog Buddy’s fur. Estes; green acrylic and angora bunny fur hat. Linda; pocket sock pattern and sample.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Janet Drozd, Doris Woloszyn, Nancy Pryor, Connie Vann, Helen McFarland, Nancy Grundy, Sue Kelly, Heidi Ericson, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Melanie Carr, Perry Louie, Virva Porcelli, Estes Ward, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Janet Schueller, Amy Shannon, Karen Starr

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 

January meeting will be at:
South Valleys Library:  will be held in the multi-purpose room.  Driving directions:  Exit onto Mt Rose Hwy from Hwy 395 and proceed west to the first stop light, which is Wedge Parkway.  Turn right and continue about a mile.  Turn right on Whites Creek Ln.  The library is bright yellow and quite visible. 

November 2010 Minutes

November Minutes 2010
Meeting was called to order at 11 am. Meeting was held at Skypeaks
Introductions were made. A couple of new people are in attendance.
Minutes from October were approved.
Treasurers Report: $2436.50 in account. Reservations for Davis Creek Park were made.
Weaving Study Group: Meeting was held at Connie’s home. Next meeting tentatively scheduled for January in Sparks. Nancy also shared info regarding Stephanie’s Helix Scarf project.
Old Business: Scholarship Fund. Fair Report: Jan is no longer with the Guild, so she is no longer working with the fair board. Amy attended the first fair board meeting. 2011 State Fair date: August 24 through 28. The new State Fair theme was very well received by public. Fair office was moved to Mill Street. Changes to fair book must be made by December 16th. Guild must supply chains and locks for gates on guild tent. Angora was eliminated from wool show. Categories redefined for lace and crochet. Handwoven categories redefined. Felting now reduced to wet and dry categories. Number of entries upped from two per person to four per person.
It was decided we need someone from the guild to handle publicity.
Heidi still working on brochure. Doris is working on guild equipment list. Heidi working on getting guild library ready. January meeting is going to be held at South Valley Library in order to be able to view the Gentle Art of Plying DVD. This is made available for January Learning Tree. We could use books on dye process. If you have anything you think might be of interest to the guild, please make your donation to the guild library. Amy addressed gmail and yahoo accounts. Gmail is only to be used by Amy to get info out to guild members. Next year’s meeting list will be posted on blog with info regarding lunch options (brown bag or potluck) Brown bag months are: Jan, March, May, July, Aug, and Nov. All other months are designated as potluck. A BIG thank you to Virva for her work on the fair.
New Business: An invitation was extended to all members by the Job’s Peak Fiber Arts Guild, to attend their meetings. Job’s Peak holds their meetings the 3rd Saturday of every month in Gardnerville Nevada.
Spindle Retreat is scheduled for May 20 through 22. Everyone who attended last year had a great time, so please think about attending. This is a joint effort with Foothill Fiber Guild.
Nancy Pryor discussed a new fiber challenge. She would be furnishing the fiber. Results from challenge will be on display at Nevada State Fair. Projects from challenge should be finished no later than August. Please see Nancy to sign up.
It’s that time of year again! Please think about nominations for guild officers for 2011.
Show and Tell: Nancy - Indigo dyed skeins and sock blanks. Sharon - Rosepath sampler for weaving.
Sharie - Skeins dyed at retreat, hat. Amy - Purple merino cardigan. Heidi - Howard Brush drum carder with fiber.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Janet Drozd, Sharon Campbell, Mimi Bullard, Perry Louie, Melanie Carr, Sharie L. Jones, Heidi Ericson, Amy Shannon, Karen Starr, Marilyn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, David Armer, Eileen Jacobs, Nancy Pryor, Sue Kelley, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Karen Gallio

Monday, November 1, 2010

Minutes October 2010

President Virva opened the meeting. Treasures report was given by Doris. We received our $100.00 deposit back for the retreat at Davis Creek. 42 paid members. Doris has two new DVD's for the guild. "Popular Wheel Mechanics" and "The Gentle Art of Plying" . Virva will be trying to get the South Library scheduled for January and March so we can use their equipment to show the DVD's for the Learning Tree at the meetings.
The Weaving group has not had a meeting in the last few months. Octobers meeting will be at Connie Vanns home on October 30th. Nancy will continue to put more information about the meetings on the Yahoo list.

Old Business: Jen will continue to go to the Fair meetings for the guild. She also talked about the great response on the Fair in general. Many of the Fair public were not a aware of our presence at the fair so it was brought up that we should do more advertising to the public about  the different venues  we will be at threw out the year.
It was suggested that some one volunteer as "Press Agent" to the guild and have a flier printed up with all the places we will attend, Celtic Fair, Western Heritage, State Fair,  Farm City etc. Any other suggestions for events to attend will be welcome!
Virva canceled Bartley Ranch for the Christmas meeting and it will be held at Nancy Grundy's this year. yeaaa
Library: Heidi will have a get together at her house on the 29th of October to sort threw and organize the books in our library.
New Business:  Amy has a new Gmail email account to send out notices to the entire membership.
Virva will continue looking for places for the guild to meet in 2011.
 Linda reported that the Celtic Fair paid the guild $100.00 dollars for attending their fair! Thank You so much!
Nancy Pryor volunteered to start some type of fiber exchange.
Show and Tell:
Nancy had several Stephanie Scarves.
Heidi great stuff from her trip to OFFF
Libby socks and a beaded scarf
Barbara her Koolaid dyed socks and her new electric spinner!
Doris had her ewe Lillys fleece that won Supreme champion fleece at the Boonville Fiber Show

Sharie demonstrated the home made Kate she  made with a carry case, and her first sock (baby size)
Sue showed the fabric off her loom from the Fair
Malinda had some fingerless mitts she made
Mimi's tell was Simon her new Gampr puppy

Learning Tree: "Girl Farm" brought two boxes of Jacob Fleeces for us to try out. Amy and Jo and Virva? took some home to give it a try.
Attendance: Janet Schueller, Virva, Amy, Jen, Heidi, Libby, Barbara, Doris, Janet Drozd, Sharie, Mim, Jo, Sue, Malinda, Connie, Nancy Pryor
Next Meeting: November 13th

Sky Peak Ranch: Sky Peaks in Northwest Reno.  A map is available here:  You can access it from 4th street a little west of Truckee River Nursery or from a road you can enter on McCarran going south turning to the right like you wanted to reach Home Depot. At that stop sign, turn right, keep going for awhile through a light and go another few blocks and Sky Peaks is on the left. The community room is on the back or NW side.

Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Minutes

The September meeting was held at Davis Creek camp ground during our annual retreat.The meeting was called to order. Treasurers report was read. Spindle kits were sold at the fair in August and money was paid to the fiber judges.
Old Business:  We discussed the fair in August and everyone had a wonderful time and wants to continue using the tent. We had a larger tent this year giving us extra room to store things in the back.We all talked about the fair and what we could do to improve next years displays. It was decided to start early and have volunteers to take over different aspects of the fair.  Mimi volunteered to organize other members  and start get displays together throughout the year. Some from our projects involved with the Learning Tree. Amy will be printing banners for the fair, Marilyn has her natural dyes display. Sheri will have pictures of  different sheep breeds. Linda has her wool display and Mim will continue to do the display for the "Sheep to Mittens".
New Business: Heidi will continue to up date our list for the library to be posted on the blog. Any duplicates will be offered in the "White Elephant" sale at the Christmas meeting. Doris is keeping track of the equipment the guild owns and this to will be posted on the blog for members who would like to know what is offered to loan out.
Sharon invited the lady's from "The Girl Farm" to bring their Jacob fleeces they have for sale to the October meeting. Amy is in the process of moving the email list off the UNR server and on to a yahoo list.
Virva will be contacting the library to see if we can use their equipment necessary  to show some of the DVD's the guild has now. Hopefully we can use the library room in January or February.
After asking Nancy Grundy if she would like to hold the Christmas meeting at her house again, a vote was taken and Virva will cancel Bartley Ranch and the Christmas meeting will be in Carson City at Nancys. Setting up a car pool to Carson was considered.
Meeting plans for next year will include Sky Peak, Bartley Ranch school house and a few members homes (Doris and Mim) in the spring and summer.
Show and Tell:
Amy had her new needle holder for socks projects.
Nancy handed out patterns and talked about making Stephanie "Ruffle Scarf.
Sharie had her scarf made with size 11 needles
Libby had some raw quivet from Alaska
Attendance: Barbara Hunt, Libby Hejny, Nancy Grundy, Linda Linsay Janet Drozd, Sharon Campbell, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Schueller, Heidi Ericson, Sharie L Jones, Marilyn Clark, Doris Woloszyn, Mim Bullard, Amy Shannon, Allison Judge Melanie Carr, Nancy Pryor.

Learning Tree: After lunch several of the member used koolaid and acid dyes to color their wool!

( Edit12/15/2010 to put August minuets)

Meeting Minutes August 2010

CSSW meeting was held at the home of Hazel Ryland in Carson City Nevada. Thank you Hazel, for opening your studio for us, and making us all feel welcome.
Introductions were made. There were three members of the Job’s Peak Fiber Arts Guild present, Lisa, Marilyn, and Lorrie. Last month’s minutes were approved.
Treasurers Report: $2392.04 in account.
Weaving Study Group: No August meeting.
Old Business: Purchase of the DVD Gentle Art of Plying discussed. Retreat in September and Nevada State Fair was discussed. There was a request for an updated notebook containing guild equipment inventory. Discussion tabled until the September meeting.
If you are planning on attending the Celtic Fair on October 2nd or 3rd at Bartley Ranch, please let Linda Lindsay know.
Mim discussed newsletter  with links.
Learning Tree for September will by solar dying. Please bring bags, canning jars, and syringes.
New Business: Homeschool Demo. Dying with deadheads (flowers and plants) to be held at Wilbur May. September 18th. Class given by Marilyn Clarke. Don’t forget gathering at Sharon and Ian Campbell’s home Labor Day weekend.
Meeting was adjourned in order to enjoy Diana Ballard’s presentation. For those of you who weren’t there, Diana presented us with a slide show and Shibori  samples from her recent trip to Japan. It was fascinating! She stayed up all night putting everything together for us, and it was awe inspiring. Thank you very much Diana, for entertaining us.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Mim Bullard, Rose Flaherty, Hazel Ryland, Sharon Campbell, Virva Porcelli, Lorrie Vining, Marilyn Elligott, Lisa Ann Cohn, Connie Vann, Sue Gottsacker, Marilyn Clarke, Nancy Grundy, Sharie L. Jones, Nancy Pryor, Diana Ballard, Doris Woloszyn, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd.

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 2010 Minutes

The July meeting was held at Nicole Kelly’s home in Mohawk Vista California. She made us all feel very welcome, and her home is beautiful! Most of us ate lunch on the deck overlooking the pond, meadow, and the  beautiful view of Sierra Buttes in the distance. Thank you Nicole for sharing your bit of paradise with us.
The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am, with introductions following. The June minutes were then approved.
Treasurers Report: Doris mentioned the member list is done, 3 dues were paid, there was $30 in donations from the fiber donation, and two spindle kits were sold $10. $2 was donated by Nancy for the Weaving Study Group. Doris purchased the wheel maintenance DVD while at Black Sheep Gathering, thus saving the expense of shipping and tax, for $35. This leaves the guild with a total of $2303.04 in our account. There are 39 paid members.
Weaving Study Group: There was no meeting in June. The group meets in members homes, thus giving those members a chance to work with their individual loom. If there is interest, a meeting can be scheduled for July 24th. Please contact Nancy Prior if you would like to host a meeting on that date.
Old Business: Guild business cards are available, please see Virva if you want some. Heidi is working on the brochures for the guild.

Scholarship Fund: No updates at this time.
This month the raffle consists of 3 books donated by Marilynn Clarke
Newsletter: Sharon has requested a reprieve from the newsletter duties. Mim offered to take it over. THANK YOU! Please be patient while the transition takes place.
Fair Report: Jen had lots to share regarding the state fair. The format of the fair will all be the same as we are used to, though there is changes being made to the content of the fair attractions. Nothing will change in regards to our tent, set up, or entry to the fair. Becky Pennington has offered to judge the fleece and fiber. This news was met with approval from the members present. Entry forms are available online for free, the printed fair booklet is $3. There is a box to check if you are entering as a novice spinner. A spinner is considered novice if she/he has been spinning for 24months or less.  Postmarked entries must be submitted by July 30, and online entries have a deadline of August 6th. Set up will be held the Tuesday before the fair, with placement of items inside the tent to happen Wednesday morning before the fair opens. Fair dates are August 25th thru 29th. Please bring samples/items for display, and REMEMBER TO LABEL all items brought in for display to so they go home with their owners! There was some discussion regarding the wheel donated by Eileen Hickey Webber. Would the guild like to award the wheel to the top novice spinner, or would fiber be a better award? Perhaps the wheel could be awarded to the spinner for 1 year? Carolyn also suggested a drawing for spinning lessons and the loan of the wheel. Amy mentioned she would contact Eileen to ask what she would like to see happen with the wheel. Discussion was tabled until the next meeting.
New Business: Amy made a motion to add the DVD and book the Gentle Art of Plying to our library. Motion was approved and passed.
The August meeting is scheduled to be held at Hazel Ryland’s home in Carson City. Marilynn suggested that would be a good time to invite Diana Ballard, a local textile artist,  to share highlights from her trip to Japan. Marilynn offered to check with Hazel to make sure she is up to having the guild meeting at her home.
Show and Tell:
Mim: A hat knit by Laura Cunningham from her sheep, Booger, Capistrano fiber roving spun up into yarn, and yarn from her Shetland flock.
Amy: Blanket from Sharon’s sheep, Robbie, and a sheep named Isabella.
Toni: Spindle bought from KCL Woodworks purchased while at BSG
Doris: Roving from Rose and Danica, spindle bought from KCL Woodworks while at BSG
Eileen: spindle bought from KCL Woodworks while at BSG
Nancy: Silk warp / alpaca weft scarf, scarf from alpaca / silk, and a Canadian Saxony wheel made by Alden Amos.
Toni Strassburg, Sue Gottsacker, Nancy Prior, Jen Overby, Doris Woloszyn, Eileen Jacobs, Carolyn Thompson, Virva Porcelli, Perry Louie, Melanie Carr, Marilynn Clarke, Susan Wilson, Therese James, Amy Shannon, Nicole Kelly, Mim Bullard, Pat Green (sp?)
 Directions to Hazels house:
Coming from Reno, South on 395. Take Exit #43 onto N Carson St/ business route 395. Turn left onto Arrowhead Rd. pass through 2 runabouts. 257 Arrowhead on the right

Hazel adds to the directions, once on Arrowhead Drive, go a 6th of  a mile turn right on to Shady Tree Lane, and turn left on to driveway BEFORE my house which is the only one on the left, there is sage brush then the drive way, if you go past my house you will end up in the Cottonwood Mobile Park

What's been happening in July?

Animal Ark invited Eileen Jacobs to demonstrate at there annual "Hunt for Facts"  on July 24th.  Eileen has been spinning wolf fiber since last year and knitting items to sell in the Animal Ark gift shop.  It is always better to have more than one person and Jo Van Winkle enthusiastically agreed to join Eileen in the demonstration.  Jo's daughter, Noelle, also joined them.  It was one of the hottest days the area has had but they managed to survive very nicely in the wolf cabana.  Although she cannot be seen, Rayna, a lovely white wolf, was located just beyond the windows.  When people realized what was being demonstrated they were amazed.  Jo and Eileen thoroughly enjoyed their day and it is hoped that Jo will continue with her interest in the wolf fiber.  Animal Ark has been very appreciative of our efforts.

Please send jpg pictures and a short write up of your July projects to Mim at: 

FOR SALE:  Ashford Tapestry Loom - you can see the loom and it's features here:    Bench not included.  Used twice, asking $150.  Contact Allison at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June 12th 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was held at the home of Mimi Bullard in Red Rock. Introductions were made, many new faces were present too. Treasury report: nothing earned since last meeting, currently $2231.04 in the account, and nothing spent.

Weaving Study Group: Nancy and Toni met in Sparks to work on Toni’s loom. Next study group may be hosted at Gary Sue’s home on July 24th. Directions TBA. May minutes approved as posted. There is no fair report at this time. The handwoven/fiber entry form is available on line, and info was passed along at last months meeting. State fair is Aug 26 through 29th. Learning Tree will be fleece skirting and differences in fiber out in the barn after the meeting.

Old Business: Carson City farm days was well attended, and a nice thank you letter was sent to all involved. Please remember guild business cards are available. Please see Heidi or Virva. There was discussion regarding our old guild brochures. Info would need to be updated. Does someone have the files on computer in order to update brochures? Heidi is willing to re-do brochure if it is cost effective.

Thank you to Libby for last month’s Learning tTree. Virva spoke a bit about the Multicultural Festival. People were very interested in our guild. Spindle Retreat Camp: Everyone who attended said it was a great time and plans are in the works to make it an annual event.
Scholarship fund/Library: planning still in works to distribute funds to each. Eileen suggested funds for new books. Suggestions for new books made by Sherrie, Heidi, and Virva. Library offerings are on our website, with more to follow. New items include Alden Amos, Ann Budd, Rag Weaving. Connie suggested reading excerpts from some books for learning tree in order to create interest in the library. Please make a list of books you would like the guild to add to the library. There was no June raffle, however, donations to the guild for the free UNR fleece would be gladly accepted.

New Business: Linda Loken moved to Kelso, Washington. There seem to be many guild members going to Eugene Oregon to attend Black Sheep Gathering. New Western Heritage Festival being held today in Sparks. Jen, Gary Sue, Sherrie, all plan to attend. Tapestry weaving class June 12 and 19th at Nevada Museum of Art. Celtic Fair to be held Oct 2nd and 3rd at Bartley Ranch. Learning tree suggestion is going to be a question and answer panel regarding anything spinning, weaving, fiber related. Submit questions in writing. July meeting is to be held at Nicole Kelly’s home in Blairsden Ca. Toni will verify and get directions.

Show and Tell:
Carolyn: Baby blanket with sheep squares for new baby.
Mim: Sharon’s socks
Marilyn: Spun alpaca from Jeanette Miller’s alpaca
Heidi: Yarns from blending, sock yarn for Mim, finished circular shawl made from cashmere silk blend fiber.
Gary Sue: Wool from Marla, one of Doris’ sheep.
Nancy: Sock blanks, fleece bought on Ebay, wool for sale, silk warp / Webs alpaca silk scarf.
Doris: Shseep samples for 2010
Sherrie: Spun skeins from Mim’s fiber
Mary: Question regarding super spiral shawl from Meg Swanson’s Gathering Lace and announcement regarding a new job. Congratulations!
Meeting adjourned at 12:10 for lunch.

Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Eileen Jacobs, Heidi Ericson, Sarah Rosenbloom, Cindy Conard, Jacquelyn Conard, Gary Sue Roberts, Nancy Prior, the mysterious “X”, Sherrie L Jones, Sue Gottsacker, Connie Vann, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Jo Van Winkle, Carolyn Thompson, Mary B, and Virva Porcelli.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Whorled News, July 2010

The July 10th meeting is at Nicole Kelly's home in Mohawk, California. Meeting time is 11:00 and this is a brown bag lunch.

Driving Directions: From Reno, drive North on 395 to Hallelujah Junction (23 miles). Go left on Hi 70 to Portola (23 miles). Keep going West on 70, about 7 miles out of Portola, turn right on Mohawk Vista drive. Go less than a mile to Road 4 (paved)and take a right. Go 1/2 mile on Road 4, also called Mohawk Road in some GPSs, to a fork in the road. Take the LEFT fork and keep going STRAIGHT up the "paved" road, which is called Betterton Road. As you come up the road you will see a redwood house in the meadow to the right. Driveway is about 1/2 mile from the fork, 69980 Betterton Road. 530-836-4875.

The August 14th meeting will be at Hazel Ryland's home in Carson City. Driving Directions to follow.


Mark your calendars. The 2010 Nevada State Fair is going to be unlike any other in years past. It will continue to offer the fun of the midway, along with livestock, agricultural and lifestyle shows and exhibits. In addition, it will incorporate the living history of how life was in the 1860s-1880s Nevada, acknowledging our pioneer statesmen and women who put our state on the map. Jen continues to work with the planning committee. More than ever, our fiber activities and mission will dovetail with that of the fair. Volunteers will be needed - stayed tuned.

BOOK REVIEW: Heidi Erikson

A short book review and a technique review all in one. For my birthday this year I got Abby Franquemont’s new book Respect the Spindle, Spin Infinite Yarns with One Amazing Tool. I had met Abby at SOAR last fall and couldn’t wait to read her book. I wasn’t disappointed. It is a very good book to read. There’s a lot of good information without being over whelming.

The technique I just loved goes like this. Take your spun single that you plan to ply back on to itself and make a center pulled ball either with your ball winder or nostepinne then ply together. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. We’ve been doing this for a long time, but wait, there’s more. Before you use that center pull ball to ply, run it back through the ball winder making a multi strand ball. It takes a bit more yarn management to do this but it is very worth it. Now you can ply from this ball. It makes the final plying go so much more smoothly and quickly. In fact plying became a breeze. The reason it becomes easier is because as you ply from the outside and the inside of the ball it collapse in on itself and can get tangled very easily. If you run that center pull ball back through the ball winder, you can control the tension better. You can then ply faster and easier.

I had done something similar when plying finely spun singles of cotton or wool, taking three or more bobbins of finely spun fiber and wound them together before plying because it kept the singles under tension and therefore did not tangle or knot as much.
Here’s some pictures to show you what I did;

First I spun up my single then wound it off into a center pull ballFirst I spun up my single then wound it off into a center pull ball.
Then I took the two ends of the ball and put them together on the ball winder. (Notice how I used my warping peg to hold the center pulled ball? I did this so if I needed to get up and walk away before I was done I could. Clever aren’t I ?)
Then I plyed. (I plyed from the inside out but you can also ply from the outside of the ball in. You could even drop the ball into a bowl at your feet.)

All Done!


The last (also the first) time I went to BSG, I thought I was in heaven! I'd never been around sooo many like minded people! When I walked into the building on Friday morning, I was instantly euphoric! So much fiber! By Sunday, I was saturated with fiber, and I was actually ready to come home. Yeah, I know, weird right?
The time between Friday morning and Sunday evening was spent with new friends and old friends, spinning, gawking, buying and admiring all kinds of fiber and breeds of sheep. Mim and I even got to help a shepherd show her romeldales on Saturday morning! That was a treat! I haven't shown sheep in what... well long enough that I really had to think about what I was doing :) Too much fun!
I finally got to meet Michelle and her wonderful sheep! And Lois and her sheep attended, as well as Corrie and Kristy, and many many others!
Laura (from Walton, west of Eugene), Heidi, Toni, Robin, Linda, Sharon, Ian, Ilene, ...did I forget anyone? oh and Linda's significant other, from the Reno area were there as well. We all went out to dinner on Friday night. Taken from Becky's blog - for more, see here.


I'm having a difficult time finding words to start this post. So much has happened in three short days. I met many wonderful people and made some new friends. So many beautiful sheep and wonderful people (great meeting you Michelle!) were gathered in such a small space I found it impossible to meet them all in one weekend.
I'll start with the sheep: Romeldale, Blue Face Leicester, Churros, Jacobs, Gotlands, Lincolns, Wensleydales, and Shetlands. (Pictures of these sheep are on Mim's blog.) Argentina needed a traveling and quarantine friend so this little brown katmoget ewe with a soft silky fleece, came with. I've been thinking of naming the katmoget ewe Miryha after an awesome young lady ( running a booth with Lori Lawson, Capistrano Fiber Arts Etsy Store, with the most beautiful dyed fiber and yarn. I could not get enough of their booth. I'd look and look at the other vendors around BSG then continue to come back to their booth to buy more roving.

At the end of the weekend I had six braids of roving from "Capistrano Fiber".

It was a wonderful trip. I only regret that I didn't find Kathy, Tina and Garrett before they left. Maybe next time because I plan on doing this again! Taken from Mim's blog - see more here.


We drove into Eugene and the Lane County Fairgrounds on Friday. It's been six years since Ian and I were here last and we were astonished at how much bigger the event has become, to the point that vendors are in Easy-Ups outside the main venue.
I can tell you that one of the thrills of this event is old friends. Caught here - Mike, Linda and Marianne. Linda is our friend who stepped away from her corporate life, sold her house and moved to Washington to be with her love - a guy that Ian and I both like a lot. Marianne is our guild friend from Burney in the mountains, who is working with the lady who bought Russell Groff's inventory and is one of the booths. I bought a brass sley hook embossed with Robin and Russ, because I've always worried that I'd lose the only one I have.
Okay - this is my favorite picture of all. I was shooting the picture when they said, let's get a stranger to shoot it so you can be in it. A woman overheard, and became our stranger camera angel. It's me, Becky, Laura, Michelle and Mim, pronounced Meem, long story. I don't know what to say, because our blogger roots are much deeper than this picture. Only Michelle had the presence of mind to wear her own work. Taken from Sharon's blog - more can be seen here.

A Note from your Newsletter Editor: As you can see, I seem to running out of ideas and steam after a considerable tenure in this position. Ask yourselves if this position might be the perfect place for you to contribute to one of the guild's many roles, all staffed by us as volunteers. If you're unfamiliar with blogging, training is available, and since I'm already doing it, you know it's not too complicated. Please mull this over. I will ask again.

CLASSIFIED ADS: Ads run six months unless otherwise requested

Loom for Sale: For Sale like new, Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom 24 inches $200.00 firm. Call Vivian Olds, 575-5516 (7/09)

Loom for Sale: 8 Harness Gilmore 42" Loom. Includes Bench, Removable top tray, shuttles, raddle & clamp and 12 yard warping board. I purchased this loom new, a few years ago from Gilmore. It is beautiful and in excellent condition. Original cost was $2187.00 not including the bench and other accessories. Need to sell, will consider all reasonable offers. You can reach me via Email. Nancy Donohue (7/09)

Spinning Wheel: Ashford Traditional spinning wheel for sale. Spins perfectly. Single treadle, single drive, scotch tension. $250. Contact Allison Judge,

Wheel and Loom for Sale: Single treadle Ashford Traditional with Jumbo flyer, $250. Eight-harness Gilmore floor loom with extras, like premeasured warps and plenty of shuttles, $450. Contact Gina Caudillo

Loom for Sale: Herald, 60" Jack floor loom, in excellent condition, with all supplies and at least 200 pounds of yarns, mostly rayon chenille and cotton. Back problems force me to part with this loom. Centrally located in Reno. Pictures available. Price is $600.00 for everything. Call Barbara at 775 825-7101 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 775 825-7101 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email me at

Spinning Wheel: Double-treadle Kronski Minstrel, asking $300. Contact Marilyn Clarke,, 786-1709.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 9th 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Heidi Ericson, as Virva Porcelli was unable to attend. Heidi distributed advanced copies of the handspun portion of the Nevada State Fair handbook. The fair handbook is also available on the Nevada State Fair website.

Only 2 more weeks until the spindle retreat! No raffle was held today due to the increased visitor traffic for Planting Day at the park.
Do you have any input regarding the scholarship fund? If so, please contact Amy or Allison.

Old Business: The guild library is now located at Heidi’s house in Reno. There is a list on the blog site of library contents. Heidi is planning on storing the books in some sort of order, and will be bringing selections from the library to meetings so members are better able to peruse the media for something to take home and look at.

Please remember the Multicultural Festival is being held next Saturday at the community college in Carson City.

New guild business cards are available! Please see Heidi for them.

Mary asked if the guild has a policy in place to assist with guild dues if a member is unable to pay. It was discussed with Doris, and decided that if you know of a person who is financially unable to pay their dues, it should be brought to Doris’ attention privately, so assistance could be provided.

Treasurer Report: Two more dues were accepted, one spindle kit was sold, $50 was made off the last raffle, and one vendor donated $6 at the last meeting resulting in a balance of $ 2231.04. We now have a total of 36 paid members. Doris gave a breakdown of guild monies for 2009 as follows:
53 members: $1300
Raffle: $ 291.50
Workshop: $ 60.00
Weaving study group: $ 40
Fiber donation proceeds: $ 544
Demo donation: $ 50
Vendor donations: $ 17
Spindle kits: $ 102
For 2010 breakdown as follows:
36 members: $ 900
Raffle: $ 171
Study group: $4
Vendor donations: $19
Spindle kits: $ 25
Workshop: $ 75
Less $519 for insurance, and $350 for the Davis Creek Retreat. (deposit refundable)

Eileen suggested we make some of the raffle money available to buy new releases for our guild library. Many of the books and videos are old, and new items may bring more interest. As always, donations of money or new books or videos to build up the library are greatly welcome. If you can think of ways to update the library please bring your ideas to a meeting.

Weaving study group meeting will be held Saturday May 15th at Toni Strassburg’s house. The address is 93898 State Hwy 70 in Chilcoot CA. Please email Toni at for directions. Group meets from 10 am to 2 pm.

Show and Tell
Heidi: Respect the Spindle book review with a skein of yarn plied using instruction from the book.
Libby: Beautiful beaded scarf
Mary: Lovely green scarf and shawl made from Knitpicks yarn in Grasshopper.
Nancy P: Tie-dyed baby shirts, 2 harness woven sample.
Eileen: Fold-able wagon from Costco.

A demonstration of easy yarn beading was given by Libby after the meeting - Thank you Libby!
Next meeting will be June 12th at Mimi Bullard’s house in Red Rock.

Those in attendance this month were: Eileen Jacobs, Toni Strassburg, Barbara Hunt, Libby Hejny, Sharie L. Jones, Mary B., Estes Ward, Connie Vann, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Doris Woloszyn, Sue Gottsacker.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Whorled News, May 2010

The May 9th meeting is at Bartley Ranch school house and is a brown bag lunch. This is also their special Ag day event day at the park from 10:00-2:00. The meeting has been moved up to 9:00 to be concluded by the time the public starts arriving. Guild members who are able are encouraged to stay after the meeting and demonstrate.

Driving Directions: Drive .8 mile west from the intersection of McCarran Blvd and Hwy 395. Turn left (south) on Lakeside Drive and continue .4 mile. Bartley Ranch is at the north base of Windy Hill. Turn left on Bartley Ranch Road and continue several hundred feet to the main parking lot. Cross the covered bridge and turn right into the parking lot for the School House.

The June 12th meeting is at Mim Bullard's Desert Peach Ranch and is also brown bag. A demonstration on how skirt fleeces will be after lunch.

Driving Directions to Rancho Haven: From Reno, drive north on Hwy 395 to the first Red Rock exit, after the Stead Blvd exit. Drive 20 miles to the Sierra Ranchos Valley, and take the first left (after Jeanette Miller’s alpaca ranch ) onto Arabian. It’s a dirt road but has a county sign. Drive up into the valley and turn left on Rancho, then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred. Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle. If you are coming in from California, the north Red Rock exit is 13 miles past the exit for Hwy 70 at Hallelujah Junction and only turns right. Continue four miles from the State line, past the volunteer fire house and turn right on Rancho, at mailbox central. There is a cell signal at the mail boxes. Mim's number is (775-969-3249). You must use 775. Drive about two miles and turn right on Rancho (straight becomes Arabian), then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred. Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle.


Karen Starr: Here’s a New York story and a New Mexico story that came home to Nevada.

From 1998 until 2002 I worked as an assistant director for the Southeastern New York Library Resources Council. I was there for 9/11. My boss was at Fordham University in the Bronx on that day along with the other eight 3R council executive directors. They all came home. The husband of the Poughkeepsie (NY) mayor did not. There were many cars at the Metro North train stops up the Hudson River that weren’t claimed. There were many people who didn’t make it out of the Towers. New Yorkers have an understanding of that day that truly is not shared by anyone else in the country. The news we knew wasn’t broadcast elsewhere. I held a cordless phone up to New York City television broadcast for my sibling to listen to on the West Coast and what he was hearing wasn’t being broadcast outside of New York.

One of my staff members grew up in Berlin. She was a young girl in the middle of WWII and her mother taught her how to survive in Nazi Germany. I had a finished throw I had knitted and gave it to her the next day on 9/12. I still remember sitting at the picnic table in the sunshine outside the office as she took it to her car. It had an error in it. Months later she finally spotted it when she was looking at the throw from across the living room in her home in Highland, NY. She got the message. No art project can be created that is “perfect.” All of them must have at least one error in them, somewhere.

In 2002, I moved on to a job in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Just before doing so, I had an urge to teach myself how to crochet. I had picked up knitting after a 30 year hiatus and found Amazing Threads in Lake Katrine, NY, which is featured in the book “Knitter’s Stash; Favorite Patterns from America’s Yarn Shops.” The store ( became a habit and to this day I can still contact staff and have yarn shipped if I need to do so. At this point I can’t remember the project that gave me some left over yarn. I had some and started crocheting. I ran out of the Plymouth yarn and bought more because I couldn’t put the project down for some reason.

The colors in the afghan represent fall colors in New York. There is a reason why there is a school of Hudson River painters. One Saturday I hiked up a “hill” south of Newburgh, NY, with a friend from the New York New Jersey Trail Conference whom I first met as a librarian colleague. We stopped for lunch on the top. There was a football game going on at West Point. We could see all the fall colors to the south. The trees are so dense that you can’t see the population in the Hudson Valley. The sun was shining on the Tappan Zee Bridge . Along the horizon we could see the skyscrapers of Manhattan. As we hiked down the mountain we walked into a glade where the white birch were golden in the sunlight. The floor was covered by those same golden leaves. The white bark of the trees glowed along with the golden leaves in the sunlight.

As I moved across the country to Santa Fe, my hands had a physical itch in them that meant I had to pick up the hook and the yarn and put some more rows on it, even on those nights on the road driving the moving van and then again driving my car through all the states between New York and New Mexico. In the motels I would pick up the project and crochet so the itch would go away.

My first night in New Mexico in Tucumcari as I stood in the motel parking lot talking to my youngest niece on my cell phone I listened to the wind blow and the freight trucks head down Route 66 one right after the other within minutes of each other in the dark on the horizon. That would be the same route that a Nevada colleague worked north of in the late 1950s when she had my to become job at the New Mexico State Library. I started the throw in New York and finished it in New Mexico. The afghan became a tribute to those New York fall colors and the sunsets of New Mexico. New Mexico is a state where people pull over the side of the road to watch the sun go down and I had the luxury of watching it out of a west view living room window in Santa Fe. I wish I had my camera in New York. That didn’t happen. I created the afghan instead.
When I knit I don’t keep the outcome. I give it away to people. Friends and colleagues don’t get much from me in material goods. They do receive hand knitted and crocheted products that come with a history and in yarns that don’t fit the norm of a “craft.” So, when I needed to find a home for that afghan I remembered what a kind person in my home town did for my mother when she was in her declining years. She died in 1997 at age 87. That person gave her a crocheted afghan which I still have. My mother taught me fiber arts beginning at age 5 years. She took me through 4-H competition at the county fair and state fair in Oregon in the 1960s. Her last year outside her home was spent in an assisted care unit and in a nursing home. When I go to a floral shop in that home town to buy some flowers for my parents’ grave at the local cemetery, the staff still know who my parents were, and the impact they had on that small town in southern Oregon. It is a strange experience to watch them tear up.

So…..I sent an email to one of my staff in New York whose mother was in a nursing home. I asked her if she knew of anyone in the nursing home that never had a visitor. She said yes. She visited that person when her mother fell asleep and gave the woman some conversation no one else gave her because no one came to see her. I asked my staff member if she would give the afghan to the lady. She said yes. I asked another staff member if she would bless the afghan. She said yes. So the staff member whose mother was in the home took the afghan with her one day after it had been blessed and gave it to the lady who never had a visitor. The condition was that she was not to know who crocheted it.

What I remember is that the dear lady found the Plymouth yarn to be so soft. The colors must have struck a cord for her as a New Yorker. And, that someone she didn’t know gave her something bright and soft for her bed in that room in the nursing home in Kingston, NY, that no one came to visit. What goes around comes around. Someone gave to my mother. I gave to someone else’s mother.

There is reason why Georgia O’Keefe moved from New York to New Mexico. It is all about light and color as a friend who came to visit and took in the Albuquerque Balloon Festival once said. I don’t know what happened to that afghan. Someday I may find out. If not, it is blessed and it will find a way through its life keeping someone warm and giving someone the fall colors of New York that are world renown. It is all about fiber in its many permutations and it is all about color. And it is about passing it on to someone else in life.

So, here’s to spinning, weaving, knitting and crocheting and what the fiber arts can truly mean to all of us. Thanks to all of you in the Carson Sierra Spinners & Weavers for all you do.

Linda Loken: Weaving Projects
This project became a project as I was waiting for my house to sell and had the time to start working on weaving some of my stash. I had made this warp last fall (I think...can't remember) to weave a couple of scarves with some handspun silk singles. I had bought some 60/2 silk for a scarf pattern in the Interweave Handwoven Scarves book which actually calls for 30/2 silk...don't know what I was thinking, or should I say not thinking.

Wish it was 30/2 silk, but it's not. I'm pretty sure I must have been thinking that when I wound the warp too, but I don't know because I can't find the original page where I planned it all out. Now you must be starting to put together the reason why I call it a project! Here I am months later, digging around for the planning page trying to remember what the heck I had in mind and then realizing that I was going to have to sort of just figure out something with what I do know.

I knew it was 60/2 silk which is the same size as most sewing threads. I had no idea how many ends were in the warp or how long I had made the warp, but I did know that I should sley the reed at 64 ends per inch for a twill pattern. So I beamed the warp noting that it was really long, though I didn't think to measure it until after I beamed it - I know - it's a wonder I can drive a car let alone work a loom.

I looked through Marguerite Davison's A Handweaver's Pattern Book for a twill pattern and decided to go with a goose-eye pattern. I sleyed the 12 dent reed at 5 ends per dent except for every third dent had 6 ends. I tied on and started weaving with the handspun-hand dyed singles only to find it was stiff as a board and the change in colors in the weft weren't really looking as cool as I thought they would. So I wove enough for a little purse.
Then I decided to see how the silk looked with this really cool teal rayon thread I had in my sewing drawer. That was soft and flexible, but dang I ran out of thread before I knew it and figured I might have enough to make two bags out of that piece. The goose-eye pattern really looked cool with the rayon thread, but I found I had to be very consistent in my weaving so that I didn't beat the weft too hard or too loose. That meant I had to not advance the warp too far or wait too long to advance it.

You can see in the picture with the teal thread that it caused variations in the pattern that looked like mistakes...guess they were, except this was an experiment by now, so there are no mistakes, only unexpected outcomes and learning experiences!

So now that I was comfortable weaving with thread, I felt good about whipping out the white silk that I bought at the same time as the black and making good use of the rest of the warp. Even though it wove up at only 4.5 inches wide, I thought it would make a cool scarf. I would just weave until I ran out of warp…8 feet later! The finished product is a beautiful fine looking scarf that I can wear with my professional accounting attire, though chances are no one will guess that I wove it myself!

Sharon Campbell
: Experimenting with Socks Blanks

The last Sunday in April, I drove over to Grass Valley to participate in the Foothill Fiber Guild's spring dye day. Sue Flynn has hosted and Sara Lamb has facilitated this as a guild fundraiser for about the past five years. Amy and I were supposed to go together, but she succumbed to influenza and was stuck in bed. We are also members of their guild at the urgings of Wes and Brenda Pound, for those of you who remember them from way back when.

I was ending my session and cleaning up when Lindsey Cleveland pulled sock blanks from her soak water and said here - go for it. Without fore-planning, I chose gold, turquoise and red violet from the dye solutions and applied my colors with a stencil brush.
After I got home I rinsed the blanks and when dry, unraveled them to get this entertaining colorful fiber spaghetti. I know some people knit right from the blank, but I wanted to soak and tame the yarn.
I'm sure I wouldn't have had any problem with the kinks while knitting, but I'm much happier working from center-pull balls.

I will say that all this abuse shows wear on the yarn.
My grandmother used to say, "The proof is in the pudding." Here's the pudding and I have to say that I did an awfully good job at guessing the placement of my blogs of dye. It looks like a pair of socks to me.

Linda Lindsey: Rug Weaving Project

This is a picture from a project I just finished. A friend wanted a couple of small rugs to match a Navajo rug he had, and he asked if I could do it. He bought the yarn, and paid (!) me to weave it.

I had enough warp that I rearranged it a bit and I'm using the rug yarn that was left over to do a small table runner/wall hanging. It should be finished this weekend, but not in time to bring it to the meeting. Yes, the sizes of the motif on the 2 small rugs are different, but the friend was okay with that. I can sure tell that I need more practice on doing the vertical color joins on the small wall hanging, they were a bit too rough. This is a great idea, and this time I actually had a picture of something done I could send!

Allison Judge: The Year of the Entrelac

2009 was the Year of Entrelac for me. When I first tried this technique many years ago, it certainly wasn't anything I enjoyed very much. After finishing 2 of Kathryn Alexander's designs, a hat & and tunic vest I started to come around, designing an Entrelac hat worked in the round. While sewing in ends, I looked at it as it was upside down and a felted basket and bag were the result. I've taught several mini-workshops on the technique and hopefully there are knitters out there now who enjoy it as much as I do. One thing I really enjoyed in the process was getting the "knitting and purling back-backwards" thing down so I don't have to be constantly turning the work!

Pictures are of Kathryn's hat and mine, modeled by my daughter.

Mim Bullard: Lamb 101

To make these lambs I used two Shetland Sheep. My technique was to put my ewe's in with the ram about the first of November. Since this takes five months to finish, I choose November 1st in order to get early spring lambs. I was very happy with the results but wish one were a ewe lamb. Bella had two ram lambs born Easter Sunday morning. If I would change things I think next time I would like to use a spotted ram to get more color in the lambs.

CLASSIFIED ADS: Ads run six months unless otherwise requested

Instructions: Learn to spin! Private and semi-private lessons available in Reno and can be arranged at a convenient time for you. Lessons are 2 hours long and include fiber. Spinning wheel rental is also offered for those students completing a lesson. Contact Allison Judge,

Loom for Sale: For Sale like new, Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom 24 inches $200.00 firm. Call Vivian Olds, 575-5516 (7/09)

Loom for Sale: 8 Harness Gilmore 42" Loom. Includes Bench, Removable top tray, shuttles, raddle & clamp and 12 yard warping board. I purchased this loom new, a few years ago from Gilmore. It is beautiful and in excellent condition. Original cost was $2187.00 not including the bench and other accessories. Need to sell, will consider all reasonable offers. You can reach me via Email. Nancy Donohue (7/09)

Spinning Wheel: Ashford Traditional spinning wheel for sale. Spins perfectly. Single treadle, single drive, scotch tension. $250. Contact Allison Judge,

Wheel and Loom for Sale: Single treadle Ashford Traditional with Jumbo flyer, $250. Eight-harness Gilmore floor loom with extras, like premeasured warps and plenty of shuttles, $450. Contact Gina Caudillo

Loom for Sale: Herald, 60" Jack floor loom, in excellent condition, with all supplies and at least 200 pounds of yarns, mostly rayon chenille and cotton. Back problems force me to part with this loom. Centrally located in Reno. Pictures available. Price is $600.00 for everything. Call Barbara at 775 825-7101 or email me at

Spinning Wheel: Double-treadle Kronski Minstrel, asking $300. Contact Marilyn Clarke,, 786-1709.

Monday, April 12, 2010

April 10th Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 am. Introductions were made. Minutes from last month were then approved.

Treasurer Report: To date three more dues were paid and two spindle kits were sold. The workshop attendance was 12 people for Saturday, and 13 for Sunday at $35.00/day, earning a total of $875 and $800 of that was paid to Stephanie, with a profit to the guild of $75. Discussion was made as to applying the profit to something specific, perhaps the scholarship fund. Currently we have $2120.04 in our account.

Weaving Study Group did not meet in March. Weaving Study Group April meeting TBA.

Learning Tree: Mim has asked Libby if she would be willing to show the guild her way of adding beads to knitting. It was decided that would be done after the May meeting. Learning tree for June will be skirting fleeces at Mim’s house. Please let Virva know if you have anything in particular you want to see presented during the learning tree. She has a list on the table during the meetings for ideas.

No Fair report at this time.

Reminder! May 8th is Planting Day at Bartley Ranch Park. Guild meeting starts at 9:00 am. Lunch is brown bag. Visitors will be at the park between 10:00 to 2:00 pm. Please plan on doing something as a demo. Moving outside of the school house was mentioned if the weather permits. There will be a docent in the school house during the day explaining how the school house was run. Reminder to Toni to bring the guild signs to put up on the door.

Spindle Retreat: There are at least six members from our guild who plan on camping at Lake Francis with the Foothill Fiber Guild from Nevada County.

Raffle items donated this month included books, fiber for spinning, and a calligraphy kit.

Scholarship Fund: Discussion regarding a new guild scholarship fund. Heidi proposed we put the $75 profit from the last workshop towards the fund. Motion was seconded by Allison. There was also a question as to if we want to put our raffle money towards the fund too. Allison explained the process for the SOAR scholarship fund. She stated that the process for our guild needs to be refined in order to decide how to be distributed. Discussion over what funds are used towards scholarship. It was decided to table the vote until a scholarship committee could be formed in order to evaluate the process. Allison volunteered to head up the committee with help from Amy. If you have any suggestions regarding the fund and scholarship process, please email Allison at By June we should have more information in order to bring the discussion of the fund before the members again.

Old Business: A year ago, Annabelle Younger and her husband took in their great grandchildren. The guild decided to help them with necessities with a donation. They have since adopted the children, and Doris passed around a very well written article in the Nevada Appeal regarding the Younger family adoption. The current newsletter for Craft Emergency Relief Fund was also passed around. Connie and Marilyn shared their current brood of Izzy dolls. They are still accepting donations of yarn or polyfill. Linda Loken brought in the triangle loom. It will be stored at Doris’ house. It is easy and fun to work with, and is available to guild members. Carolyn brought in the guild table loom in case anyone wants to use it.

New Business: Sharon brought in information regarding a DVD by Judith MacKenzie McCuin on wheel maintenance. It is a two DVD set. Do we want to add the DVD to our guild library? It is roughly a $40 purchase. Amy suggested purchasing the DVD through Amazon. Mary made a motion to have the guild purchase the set. Motion was seconded, and passed by members present. Amy donated several fiber related VHS tapes to the guild library.

Heidi and Nancy Grundy will be moving the guild library Saturday April 17th. Those able to help should plan on meeting at Nancy’s house by 11 am. An email will be sent out as a reminder.

Farm City Days is being held April 22nd and 23rd at Fuji Park in Carson City. Hazel, Nancy, Virva, Toni, and Ellen Goldsmith will be attending. It is really fun, the kids ask great questions, and it is well attended.

Amy has been working on the email list, doing maintenance and eliminating old email addresses. Please check the lists, and make sure your email address is correct.

There is the yearly plant sale coming up at Rancho San Rafael June 5th at the arboretum. Trees, bulbs, herbs, tomatoes, and veggies are all available. Go early, as the good stuff sells out fast.

Sharon has info regarding the Multicultural Festival being held at Western Nevada Community College in Carson City on May 15th. If you are planning on attending, please respond to Sharon Campbell at

Amy has a LeClerc Nilus floor loom with accessories that NEEDS A NEW HOME immediately. You must have your own transportation for the loom. Please contact Amy ASAP.

The alpaca samples for the Alpaca Western Extravaganza Show were done, and shipped. Thank you to Sharon, Virva, David, and Toni for spinning and judging the samples. Mim will facilitate next years judging again as long as she has spinners willing to do the spinning.

Linda Lindsay was contacted by the organizer of the Celtic Fair. They have asked if our guild members would again be willing to demo spinning during the fair. It is to be held October 2nd and 3rd. They will be donating $100 to our guild for our participation. Do you have problems with access to the blog site? If so, please contact Amy or Sharon.

Doris shared email info from Deep Color Studio regarding a felting open house and wool sale. It will be held at Deep Color Studio, 450 Colusa Ave. Kensington, CA on April 18th. Attendance is free.

The meeting was then halted for lunch, followed by Show and Tell , but I was so caught up in what everyone was sharing, I forgot to take notes! I’m sorry! Sharon Campbell then gave a short talk on color theory. It was very interesting, and educational, thank you Sharon!
Next month’s meeting will be held at Bartley Ranch on May 8th and will start early at 9:00 am. Don’t forget!

Those in attendance: Toni Strassburg, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd, Doris Woloszyn, Nancy Grundy, Marilynn Clarke, Connie Vann, Judy Wells, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Janet Schueller, Sharie Jones, Sharon Campbell, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Mary B, Mimi Bullard, Linda Loken, Virva Porcelli, Heidi Ericson, Allison Judge, Amy Shannon, Carolyn Thompson.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 13th Minutes

Thank you Alisa for starting the minutes for me! I appreciate the help, and apologize for running late and ultimately my interruption. The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am, a motion was made by Connie to approve the January and February minutes, minutes approved.

Treasurer Report: Liability insurance of $519.00 which is the same as last year to be paid. Paid 26.46 for new checks. Dues for 4 new members, 7 paid. The raffle made $34 and the spindle $10 We have 32 paid members.

Weaving Study Group: will meet at Connie’s house on March 27th, 10 a to 4 p.

Stephanie G Workshop: $35 per day with materials cost pending. March 20 and 21. Saturday class will be color blending and Sunday will involve spinning. Classes to be held at Sky Peaks. 10 am to 4 pm.

There is no fair report or learning tree today. Please let Mim know if you are interested in anything in particular and be sure to write it down for her so she can update her info. Thank you!

Planting Day at Bartley Ranch May 8th. This will be going on in the park from 10 am to 2 pm. Discussion involved starting our meeting early or limiting our meeting to ½ hour. A motion was made by Toni to start our meeting early, and it was second by Mary. Motion approved, so the meeting will start at 9 am in order for the schoolhouse to be available to visitors without interrupting our meeting.

Nancy Grundy informed the group that the library transition to Heidi’s home was in process, and should take the next couple of months to accomplish. There is a list of books on our site, so if you are looking for something in particular, please check the library before you spend money on a new book.

Spindle retreat camping at Lake Francis: 6 people from our guild are planning on attending. Please check the yahoo list regarding cost. The retreat is being held May 22nd and 23rd.

A note from Reno Fiber Guild: At the time of the meeting there was 1 spot left for the Weavers Workshop. Cost is $117.00 plus $20 material fee. April 1st brings Laura Viada to speak at the Reno Fiber Guild meeting 6:30 at South Valleys Library.

Thank you to Connie for posting the Izzy Doll pattern. Please remember to donate your unwanted yarn or poly batting for fill the Izzy Doll project.

Update on Marilyn’s health status: Home from the hospital and is in good condition after surgery to remove an unhealed area from last surgery.

There is no raffle this meeting, but Nancy assured us more fun stuff for the next meeting.

Old Business: Connie has Fiber Friends list for handout. Connie explained the list is a reference to members regarding skills other members have that might be useful to you if you are learning something new.

Nancy explained the Weaving Study Group is for anyone to attend, you don’t need to know how to weave nor do you have to own a loom. Meetings are held at various locations, 10 am to 2 pm.

Doris brought up the potlucks. There seem to be fewer during the year, and a large portion of the members are not participating. There are only 4 meetings involving potluck meals this year.

Discussion was made regarding the noise during the meetings. A smaller circle was suggested, and Verva has a bell to get everyone to remember to be respectful during the meeting. Toni suggested holding down and tickling offenders. Please be respectful to Verva, and other members during the meeting, and hold your comments or whispers until a more appropriate time. Thank you!

Reno Fiber Guild has an exhibit at the Sparks Library through the month of March. Library located off Oddie Blvd. across from Community Center on 12th Street.

Please see Linda Loken regarding several looms for sale. Linda is relocating to Portland Oregon. It was agreed that we would miss her very much, but wish her the best in her new adventures.

Show and Tell:
Connie: hairpin lace from Grandmother.
Nancy P: Schatt wheel with old and new pieces - way to recycle Nancy!
Toni: First handspun hand knit sweater.
Mary: Tale of spinning with children in her neighborhood. Ishmael, a 3rd grader is learning spinning from Mary, and he is doing quite well. His goal is a new hat.
Melinda: Spinning lessons from Allison Judge resulted in her sharing her 1st skein! Applause followed!
Alisa: Wool felting project.
Carolyn: Adorable hat made with felted alpaca.
Sharrie: Navajo spindle from an antique store in Tahoe. Spun fiber bought from Mim, an adorable hat knitted in the round and felted. Book on hand dying yarn and fleece.

Meeting was adjourned. Those in attendance were: Elisa Ross, Connie Vann, Nancy Grundy, Nancy Pryror, Janet Schueller, Barbara Hunt, Malinda Parks, Sharrie L Jones, Estes Ward, Mary B, Carolyn Thompson, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Doris Woloszyn, Linda Loken, Libby Hejny, David Armer, Toni Strassburg

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whorled News, March 2010

The March 13th meeting will be at Sky Peaks and it is brown bag.

Driving Directions: Sky Peaks in Northwest Reno. A map is available here. You can access it from 4th street a little west of Truckee River Nursery or from a road you can enter on McCarran going south turning to the right like you wanted to reach Home Depot. At that stop sign, turn right, keep going for awhile through a light and go another few blocks and Sky Peaks is on the left. The community room is on the back or NW side.

The April 10th meeting is at the Bartley Ranch School House. This meeting is potluck. A Learning Tree follows the meeting..

Driving Directions: Drive .8 mile west from the intersection of McCarran Blvd and Hwy 395. Turn left (south) on Lakeside Drive and continue .4 mile. Bartley Ranch is at the north base of Windy Hill. Turn left on Bartley Ranch Road and continue several hundred feet to the main parking lot. Cross the covered bridge and turn right into the parking lot for the School House.

Dues are due. They are $25.00 per year. Membership runs from January to December. Send dues to: Doris Woloszyn at P.O. Box 229 Chilcoot, CA 96105, and make checks payable to Carson Sierra Spinners & Weavers.

SOCKS: Many of us have found the fun of knitting socks and have even made more than one pair. This question is for sock knitters: What is your favorite sock pattern? You can answer that anyway you’d like, including the stitch repeat that you like to use for the leg and instep, or more literally, the pattern structure.

Amy Shannon: My favorite sock construction is toe-up using the instructions in “Simple Socks” by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. I prefer to use a set of 5 double pointed size 1 needles. I much prefer short-row heels and toes to heel flaps. As for stitch patterns, I like to keep trying new ones, though I am particularly fond of the simplicity of Boxcar Willie. Right now I am working on socks with a “Chevron Lace” rib pattern. How to avoid “Second Sock Syndrome”: When I knit socks I always work on both at the same time so that I don’t have to start all over again when I finish the 1st one. And as soon as I finish a pair, I go ahead and cast on for the next pair, so some are always in progress.

Virva Porcelli: Socks, Socks and more Socks???? Well, I haven't knitted socks for over 20 years. My blind sister used to provide us with her beautiful, warm knitted sock. But then Barbara came up with this brilliant idea of having a Learning tree on knitting socks on a Magic Loop at the Spinners' Retreat. Kind of intriguing, different, thinner socks. I have gotten used to knitting the heavier boot socks for winter warmth. So I took Barbara up on the challenge of knitting thin socks on one circular needle. Sounds funny, one needle, two socks at the same time..... Is this possible? Barbara assured us it was possible, works great and is easy on top of everything else.

OK, here we go.... cast of... weird!!!!! But I stuck with it, kept on knitting on and off. Tried to figure out the instructions. Unraveled. Knitted again. And it is a miracle.... a pair of socks turned out of all that mess. I can even wear them.... and they even look good.
I kind of liked it. So now I am knitting and other pair from the sock yarn blank that Mim dyed.

What I liked about this Magic Loop sock knitting.... It is a small project to take along.... you can do it in small spaces, like in a car. Once you have an idea how it is suppose to work it moves along quite fast. No wonder Barbara is stuck on socks. It might be catching.

Linda Lindsay: I think my favorite socks are the ones I'm doing now. It's just a plain sock pattern, two shades of purple on the cuff - but then I got goofy when I started the heel. So I striped it. But that wasn't enough. Next thing I knew, I'd Fair-Isled the whole foot, then knitted off the toe with alternating shades of purple. It was certainly interesting trying to figure out what I'd done when I had to knit the second one! Just finished it tonight - now let's see if they fit!

Barbara Hunt: Magic loop - toe up - two at a time. The best thing about this pattern is once finished I have two socks done at the same time. For me this is very important due to the fact I don't like doing the same thing twice. With this pattern it allows me to be as creative as I want. I can use any yarn or weight or stitch pattern. The socks fit great with padding at the bottom and back of the heal. I have a book of 356 stitch patterns and working throughout them. Having completed at least 20 pairs of socks and continue to be excited with each new pair.

Sharon Campbell: I’ve wanted to learn toe-up but get too exasperated with trying to figure out the toe cast on. I want to knit socks, not learn to knit socks. I always have a pair on needles, either for myself or for a gift. I just finished the second pair of merino socks from two-ply handspun, using the Falling Leaf pattern. I’ve become very fond of that pattern. I have Noro sock yarn in my basket now, waiting to be cast on. I’m going to use the four row, six-stitch repeat Chevron Lace pattern for these. It doesn’t make sense to deliberately knit socks with holes in them, but nevertheless, I really do like lace socks.

Chevron Lace: 1) *k2, k2 tog, k2, yo; * 2) knit; 3) *yo,k2,k2 tog, k2*; 4) knit

Musings from Sage Creek

I have been retired for six months now, and one year ago at this time, I didn’t know that I would be retired at all. There had been rumors of staff reductions, but when the early buy-out incentives were announced, I applied and was declined. Rumors flew, people were leaving right and left, so I reapplied and waited to hear. I finally was confirmed and was emailed a copy of my contract the second week of June. I signed it on June 17th on my last day of work, and just like that, my employment was severed. I had entered, or rather, was catapulted into a new stage of my life.

I wasn’t sure what I would do with all the time that had previously been filled with employment. Every work day for me had been 11 hours long, including my lunch and commute. I would have an extra 55 hours each week, and I have to admit, I wasn’t sure how living every minute of every day with Ian was going to pan out. I had done everything I could do to get us ready for living on reduced income. I felt we were ready there, but I wasn’t sure if my head was ready.
I’m reminded of how I felt when I discovered I was pregnant for the first time. It was my first marriage, and I had only been married a little over a year. Starting a family hadn’t even been discussed, and then suddenly failed birth control left me facing something I was not prepared for. I was thinking about this the other day as I took my dogs for a walk. I had no idea what being a mother would be like. My parents had been older so I grew up with older people, not young families and children. I didn’t know how to be a mother, but I can tell you that I have loved being a mother, even if I was a little unorthodox. My children have provided the greatest highs and lows in my life and I’m so glad to have taken that route.

Retirement has also been satisfying. We’ve returned to cooking meals from scratch and sharing the cooking. We expanded our garden last summer and are now planning two more raised beds and are pouring over the Peaceful Valley Farm Supply catalog. I thought I’d have time to read a lot, but I find I’m really too busy for that. Though I still haven’t established a routine, I am able to spend several hours a day in my weaving studio. I cannot imagine how I ever had time to work.

My husband was a Marine stationed in the Philippines. My father-in-law, a Navy captain, brought his ship into Subic Bay, so we’d get down to visit him each week and take the baby. One special week, we took his captain’s gig out into Olongapo Bay to snorkel. On the return ride to the ship, one of his sailors asked me if I’d like to drive the boat. He explained how to site using a point of reference on the horizon. I was thrilled. After some moments, the sailor asked me I thought I was steering straight, and I allowed that I thought I was. He suggested that I look at the wake for proof. Following the boat was the darndest snaking trail of churned-up water I had ever seen. Many times I’ve thought about that day. I thought my life was directed, but I was probably more chasing Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen. That queen eluded me several times, and now looking back, while I thought I knew where I was going, my life has been much closer to the snaking wake. In the end, I got to where I needed to be. Here.

CLASSIFIED ADS: Ads run six months unless otherwise requested

Instructions: Learn to spin! Private and semi-private lessons available in Reno and can be arranged at a convenient time for you. Lessons are 2 hours long and include fiber. Spinning wheel rental is also offered for those students completing a lesson. Contact Allison Judge,

Loom for Sale: For Sale like new, Kromski Rigid Heddle Loom 24 inches $200.00 firm. Call Vivian Olds, 575-5516 (7/09)

Loom for Sale: 8 Harness Gilmore 42" Loom. Includes Bench, Removable top tray, shuttles, raddle & clamp and 12 yard warping board. I purchased this loom new, a few years ago from Gilmore. It is beautiful and in excellent condition. Original cost was $2187.00 not including the bench and other accessories. Need to sell, will consider all reasonable offers. You can reach me via Email. Nancy Donohue (7/09)

Spinning Wheel: Ashford Traditional spinning wheel for sale. Spins perfectly. Single treadle, single drive, scotch tension. $250. Contact Allison Judge,

Wheel and Loom for Sale: Single treadle Ashford Traditional with Jumbo flyer, $250. Eight-harness Gilmore floor loom with extras, like premeasured warps and plenty of shuttles, $450. Contact Gina Caudillo

Spinning Wheel: Double-treadle Kronski Minstrel, asking $300. Contact Marilyn Clarke,, 786-1709.