Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December 2010 Minutes

December 2010 Meeting Minutes
The meeting was called to order at 11 am, at Nancy Grundy’s home in Carson City. Thank you very much Nancy, for welcoming us. Meetings at Nancy’s house are always very comfortable! We also had a new person in attendance. Welcome Sue Kelly!
Ellen Goldsmith came with her inventory of new alpaca items for sale. If you wanted something and missed this opportunity, please contact Toni Strassburg for information.
The November minutes were not available online as of the meeting date.
Treasurer Report: Doris stated we have paid the reservation for Davis Creek Park, with a $100 refundable deposit. Total balance in account is $2164.50. Dues for 2011 are now due - $25 should be given to Doris please.
Weaving study group will meet January 22nd in Sparks, at 1554 Linda Way. It is a business, however there is space available to set up looms, with chairs. Toni Strassburg will be hosting this meeting. Please contact her if you need more information.
No fair report at this time.
We are still looking for a person to take on publicity. Perhaps there are people in the guild who would be willing to share the responsibility?
Reminder, January 2011 meeting will be held at South Valley Library, so we can view the Gentle Art of Plying DVD part 1. Virva was looking into reserving the library in March, so we can view the second DVD of the same series.
Fiber Challenge: 21 people are signed up to participate! Bags of fiber were passed out at the meeting. Nancy Pryor mentioned there is a bit of vegetable matter in the fiber, and will work with anyone who is having a problem cleaning up the fiber to use. She mentioned some carding methods to eliminate most of the vm. You can add anything you want to the fiber in order to finish your project, and it can be anything of your choosing, so use your imagination. Projects must be finished in August, and will be displayed in our tent during Nevada State Fair.
New guild officers were discussed. Connie Vann is interested in serving as vice president. Virva is willing to continue as president. Also interested in continuing their offices are Toni Strassburg as secretary, Mimi Bullard as learning tree and newsletter, Amy Shannon as webmistress. Barbara Hunt said she would like to assume the raffle duties. We still need someone to take on the hospitality position. This entails bringing the box with the coffee things, and dishes for the potluck meetings.
Update! The equipment list will be on the blog.
New Business: The Great Basin Basket Weavers Newsletter is available if you want to read it. Intermountain Weavers Conference info is also available. Doris has copies of the Heifer International and CERF newsletters available too.
Helen McFarland was in attendance, and she has brand new (eyes just opening!) Welsh Corgi puppies. They will be available for sale as soon as they are old enough. If you are interested, please contact Helen for more information.
Amy mentioned speaking with Kay Fowler. Kay has two Navaho Churro sheep she is trying to find good homes for. Please contact Amy for information if you are interested in providing a home for these sheep. Both are gelded males.
Show and Tell: Barbara; a very nice vest made of Doris’ sheep Ava and  merino/soy sock yarn she purchased from Mim, also hand dyed alpaca sock blank. Janet; 2 ply yarn sample spun by Toni, of her dog Buddy’s fur. Estes; green acrylic and angora bunny fur hat. Linda; pocket sock pattern and sample.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Janet Drozd, Doris Woloszyn, Nancy Pryor, Connie Vann, Helen McFarland, Nancy Grundy, Sue Kelly, Heidi Ericson, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Melanie Carr, Perry Louie, Virva Porcelli, Estes Ward, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Janet Schueller, Amy Shannon, Karen Starr

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 

January meeting will be at:
South Valleys Library:  will be held in the multi-purpose room.  Driving directions:  Exit onto Mt Rose Hwy from Hwy 395 and proceed west to the first stop light, which is Wedge Parkway.  Turn right and continue about a mile.  Turn right on Whites Creek Ln.  The library is bright yellow and quite visible. 

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