Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 2015 Minutes

Guild minutes May 9 2015

At attendance: Hanna Woods, Eileen Jacobs, Margery , Nancy Pryor, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn,
Angela Alter, Virva Porcelli and Patti O'Brien.

Treasurer's report: As of 4/10 2015  we had $4,586.67 + $25 in dues. We paid out $60.92 for DVDs for the Library.
At 5/8 2015 the total $4,550.75 with 45 paid members.

No Library report.

Stephanie Gaustad's Cotton/Flax Workshop May 30 and 31 at Marilynn Clarke's home. Two cancelations, open spots. Hanna to sent an email to Mim to post on the blog and Virva to send an email to the Reno Fiber Guild to fill up the open spaces.

Upcoming events and dates:
Spindle camp June 3-7 2015 in Dobbins, ca.
Black Sheep gathering  June 19-21 2015 in Eugene, OR
Arboretum Art Town event July 26 from 9am till noon

Nevada State Fair July 30 - Aug. 1 at Fuji Park in Carson City. Deadline for entries July 27.
Stephanie Gaustad Judging. Check on line for the Fair Workbook. The contest entries can be picked up after the Fair
Sunday after 6pm or Monday

Celtic Fair at the Bartley Ranch Oct. 3-4 2015. We will have our October meeting at the Celtic Fair Oct.3rd.

Our next meeting will be at Marilynn Clarke's home  June 13th. The Learning Tree will be Indigo and Madder Dye baths. Please have your fiber/yarn wet and mordant with alum.
We are also going to have  few items for sale donated from Nancy Grundy's "stash".

July 11th meeting will be at Mimi Bullard's ranch. Learning Tree will be dying with onion skins. Between now and then you can save your yellow and red onion skins. More the merrier......

The Learning Tree at Doris was the new little lambs, especially the 6 days old feisty one.
Meeting adjourned. Show and tell

How too:

Mordant Wool: Weigh wool dry and clean as lanolin inhibits the dye. Soak fibers until thoroughly wet. Measure Alum Sulfate.10% Weight of fiber (WOF).  Dissolve Alum in a glass jar off boiling water stir well,this can take up to 15 min.Add to pot of enough warm water to cover fibers well but not too much water.  I:  use only distilled water. Add clean wet wool. Bring to a simmer over 35 to 45 min.Hold at 195 degrees farenheit  rotate fiber.r slowly and hold for 1 hr, longer does not matter. place pot with wool and mordant in a cool place for up to 5 days.Do not let fiber dry..Wool is ready to dye, rinse  before dying as mordant can taint a dye pot.Silk : use 15% Alum Sulfate,Cotton and Baste fibers use Alum  Acetate at 5%i rotate slowly. leave for 3 days to cool.Then dye.    

Driving Directions:    From the South-- Take HWY 395 to the McCarran off-ramp, turn left and follow McCarran WEST to Socrates, turn right and follow Socrates NORTH to Greenstone, turn left (WEST) for one block to Comstock, then turn right (NORTH) to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway (left) off the pavement.  From the North-- From HWY 395 take the North Virginia off-ramp and follow N. Virginia street southward just past McCarran Blvd to Comstock, then turn left  (NORTH) up Comstock to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway off the pavement. Address:  3503 Comstock Drive  - Telephone: 786-1709