Wednesday, July 3, 2013

June 2013 Minutes

June 8, 2013 in Marilynn’s garden

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild

Meeting called to order at 11:10 am.


Correction to May meeting minutes:  The June 8th meeting is listed for June 15th not June 8th.
May meeting minutes: motioned for approval with correction by Nancy and seconded by Max.

Treasurers Report: (Sharie substituting for Doris who is out of town) Two members paid their dues for a total of $50.  Four spindle kits were sold for a total of $20.  The Guild received a donation from Eileen of $15.  Eileen made a sold cell phone cases.  Paid Virva $28 for CDs for the library. 

The CSSW Retreat is Friday, September 13th to Sunday, September 15th, 2013 at the group campsite at Davis creek. 

Library Report: Librarian was absent.  Sherie is looking for a book on drum carding. 

Old business:

Making more drop spindle kits: Sherie looking at a company called Bare Wood for wagon wheels to use as spindle whorls.  The wagon wheels would be more expensive then the solid originals (which sell for $5 per kit), but would be lighter and still have a good size.  Nancy volunteered to assemble spindles and will get dowels and hooks for the project.  Sharie will order approximately 30 or 40 wagon wheels to make into spindles.

Marilynn’s Natural Dye Class is scheduled for September 21 and 22, 2013.  Payment for the class needs to be made by July 13th.  For members, the cost of the class will be approximately $60 to $75.  Payment can be made at the CSSW meeting on July 13th or by mail to Doris.  Marilynn’s Natural Dye Class will teach participants to dye with all sorts of plants.  At the end of the class, each student will leave with samples and instructions.  All materials are included in the fee.  Marilynn is in need of stainless steel pots and burners for the class.

CNCH at Squaw Valley Report: So much stuff was donated that the silent auction became a raffle to raise money for scholarships and to put the conference on.  The keynote speaker was Anita Mayer.  The parking lot sale turned out well.

The June meeting weekend was also the Spindle Retreat.

Blacksheep will be June 21 to 23 in Eugene, Oregon.

Freelace Update: Max did a workshop to work out glitches.  The plan is to do freelace at the CSSW Retreat in September.  Will need to bring tissue paper to put over the lace pieces and a paper towel roll (minus the paper towels) to roll up the project for transport.

Fashion Show of garments we’ve made (knit, crochet, weave, freelace, etc.) will be during the May Arboritum Society’s Party in the Garden in 2014.  After August 17th, a committee to organize and plan will be formed.  Marilynn will give an update on how this year’s party goes.  The plan is to get kids from local school involved to sell tickets and model. 

The library is not available for CSSW to use for the October meeting.  Nicole Kelly offered her house in Blairston near Greagle, weather permitting.  There were concerns are how far away it is.  Nicole offers a room for a few overnight guests.  Vote taken and approved October’s meeting location at Nicole’s house. 

Celtic Fair is the first weekend in October at Bartley Ranch.  This is a big event for us.  We set up for demonstrations and sales.  Dress up if you want. 

New business:

Mim reminds everyone that the guild has a lot of equipment, books, DVDs, etc.  If you would like to borrow something, just ask.  Check your spam filter for emails from CSSW.  And if you have changed for contact information (email, phone number, etc.) since joining the guild, please update your information. 

Leslie brought a lot of donated yarn and requests that everyone looks through and takes what they want.  She doesn’t want to have to take it home again.

Marilynn has books and small looms for sale.

Sharie read a letter of thanks for participating in Farm Days in Carson City.  They hope that we will participate next year.

Nancy recently visited Reno High School to help demonstrate the whole process of raw fleece to yarn including dying.  The teacher had made spindle out of pencils and used dog brushes as combs.  The students made ceramic whorls.  The art and science students involved were excited about the project.  It is wonderful that the teachers are willing to teach the process and the students are interested. 

Show and Tell:
Susan – recently took a trip in Kona, Hawaii where she watched a man making tapa.  After a conversation with her, he gave her a piece to show the guild.  Susan also shared a knit picks needle holder which is two interlocking tubes with a slot in them so the project sticks out and the needles are protected and stitches don’t run away.
Mim – shared her beaded spiders.  She saw the project on Pintrest and just had to make them.
Nancy – shared a drawplate with progressively smaller holes made out of plexiglass.  The drawplate is helpful in turning a bat of fiber (like from a carder) into something easier to spin from.  Nancy explains it is also good for predrafting and animal disturbed roving.  She sells them for $10 each.
Gina – has dyed more tencell roving in shades of blue.  It is nice and soft and apparently tries to float away during rinse out.  She also dyed some hemp roving as an experiment.  The color took well. 
Kendra – showed her 880 yards of single yarn that she spun on her drop spindle.  She also dyed the roving with instant indigo.
Max – is working on a Peaks and Valleys skirt.  She changed the waist band to a drawstring.  Max will be teaching a class at Jimmy Beans at the end of June.  She is also working on a jacket from a pattern from Interweave Knits Spring 1997 magazine.  She is almost done with the jacket front and has been spinning the yarn for it as she goes.  Max changed the pattern a little from the published version.  Max is also working on a slip for a crocheted skirt.
Sharie – showed a fluffy baby blanket she made for a friend.
Marilynn – shared that there is ice and water in the ice chest and ice tea on the tray.
In Attendence:
Sharie Jones, Maxene Harlow, Marilynn Clarke, Jan Mayberry, Eileen Cornwell, Kiera Mayberry,
Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Iwahashi, Nicole Kelly, Nancy Peyor, Judy Wells, Mimi Bullard,
Margie McConaghy, Leslie Godbe, Linda Ryssman, Susan Palwick.

Next Month: Indigo vat at Mim’s house

 Driving Directions:

Mim Bullard is in Rancho Haven:  From Reno, drive north on Hwy 395 to the first Red Rock exit #78, after the Stead Blvd exit.  Drive 20 miles to the Sierra Ranchos Valley, and take the first left (after Jeanette Miller’s alpaca ranch ) onto Arabian.  It’s a dirt road but has a county sign.  Drive up into the valley and turn left on Rancho, then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred.  Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle.  If you are coming in from California, the north Red Rock exit is 13 miles past the exit for Hwy 70 at Hallelujah Junction and only turns right.  Continue four miles from the State line, past the volunteer fire house and turn right on Rancho, at mail box central.  There is a cell signal at the mail boxes.  Mim’s number is 775-969-3249.  You must use 775.  Drive to first right and turn right on Rancho a second time,  then continue several hundred yards and turn right on Thoroughbred.  Mim is about two miles up and on the right – 455 Thoroughbred Circle.