Monday, October 4, 2010

September 2010 Minutes

The September meeting was held at Davis Creek camp ground during our annual retreat.The meeting was called to order. Treasurers report was read. Spindle kits were sold at the fair in August and money was paid to the fiber judges.
Old Business:  We discussed the fair in August and everyone had a wonderful time and wants to continue using the tent. We had a larger tent this year giving us extra room to store things in the back.We all talked about the fair and what we could do to improve next years displays. It was decided to start early and have volunteers to take over different aspects of the fair.  Mimi volunteered to organize other members  and start get displays together throughout the year. Some from our projects involved with the Learning Tree. Amy will be printing banners for the fair, Marilyn has her natural dyes display. Sheri will have pictures of  different sheep breeds. Linda has her wool display and Mim will continue to do the display for the "Sheep to Mittens".
New Business: Heidi will continue to up date our list for the library to be posted on the blog. Any duplicates will be offered in the "White Elephant" sale at the Christmas meeting. Doris is keeping track of the equipment the guild owns and this to will be posted on the blog for members who would like to know what is offered to loan out.
Sharon invited the lady's from "The Girl Farm" to bring their Jacob fleeces they have for sale to the October meeting. Amy is in the process of moving the email list off the UNR server and on to a yahoo list.
Virva will be contacting the library to see if we can use their equipment necessary  to show some of the DVD's the guild has now. Hopefully we can use the library room in January or February.
After asking Nancy Grundy if she would like to hold the Christmas meeting at her house again, a vote was taken and Virva will cancel Bartley Ranch and the Christmas meeting will be in Carson City at Nancys. Setting up a car pool to Carson was considered.
Meeting plans for next year will include Sky Peak, Bartley Ranch school house and a few members homes (Doris and Mim) in the spring and summer.
Show and Tell:
Amy had her new needle holder for socks projects.
Nancy handed out patterns and talked about making Stephanie "Ruffle Scarf.
Sharie had her scarf made with size 11 needles
Libby had some raw quivet from Alaska
Attendance: Barbara Hunt, Libby Hejny, Nancy Grundy, Linda Linsay Janet Drozd, Sharon Campbell, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Schueller, Heidi Ericson, Sharie L Jones, Marilyn Clark, Doris Woloszyn, Mim Bullard, Amy Shannon, Allison Judge Melanie Carr, Nancy Pryor.

Learning Tree: After lunch several of the member used koolaid and acid dyes to color their wool!

( Edit12/15/2010 to put August minuets)

Meeting Minutes August 2010

CSSW meeting was held at the home of Hazel Ryland in Carson City Nevada. Thank you Hazel, for opening your studio for us, and making us all feel welcome.
Introductions were made. There were three members of the Job’s Peak Fiber Arts Guild present, Lisa, Marilyn, and Lorrie. Last month’s minutes were approved.
Treasurers Report: $2392.04 in account.
Weaving Study Group: No August meeting.
Old Business: Purchase of the DVD Gentle Art of Plying discussed. Retreat in September and Nevada State Fair was discussed. There was a request for an updated notebook containing guild equipment inventory. Discussion tabled until the September meeting.
If you are planning on attending the Celtic Fair on October 2nd or 3rd at Bartley Ranch, please let Linda Lindsay know.
Mim discussed newsletter  with links.
Learning Tree for September will by solar dying. Please bring bags, canning jars, and syringes.
New Business: Homeschool Demo. Dying with deadheads (flowers and plants) to be held at Wilbur May. September 18th. Class given by Marilyn Clarke. Don’t forget gathering at Sharon and Ian Campbell’s home Labor Day weekend.
Meeting was adjourned in order to enjoy Diana Ballard’s presentation. For those of you who weren’t there, Diana presented us with a slide show and Shibori  samples from her recent trip to Japan. It was fascinating! She stayed up all night putting everything together for us, and it was awe inspiring. Thank you very much Diana, for entertaining us.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Mim Bullard, Rose Flaherty, Hazel Ryland, Sharon Campbell, Virva Porcelli, Lorrie Vining, Marilyn Elligott, Lisa Ann Cohn, Connie Vann, Sue Gottsacker, Marilyn Clarke, Nancy Grundy, Sharie L. Jones, Nancy Pryor, Diana Ballard, Doris Woloszyn, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd.