Monday, December 5, 2016

November 2016 Minutes

Guild Minutes November 12, 2016
 In Attendance: Margery McConaghy, Rebecca Hess, Hannah Woods, Nancy Pryor, Bev Perkins, Lavana Ritch, Janet Drozd, Myna Kent, Ashley Thibedeau, Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Iwahashi, Maureen Oisani, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Annabelle Younger, Patti O’Brien, Judy Quinlan, Debbi Lynn Smith, Patty Tischer, Julie Svoboda, Virva Porcelli, Miriam Volpin, Mimi Bullard, Heidi Ericson, Judy Wells, Jo Van Winkle
 Treasurer’s Report: As of 10/7/16, our balance was $4,604.39. We received $25.00 in dues, and $100.00 refund deposit from Washoe County Parks. As 11/11/16, our balance is $4,729.39 with 45 members for 2016 and 1 member for 2017.
Old Business: Our December meeting will be our Christmas Party, Handmade Ornament Exchange and our Potluck!
 Learning Trees for 2017- January- Hannah will show us how to make Dryer Balls February- Nancy will be teaching us Basic Weaving March- Gina will be teaching us Shibori April-Annabelle will teach us how to make Boucle yarn May- June- We will be dyeing fiber with indigo and other natural dye stuffs at Mimi’s house.  August-Nancy will be teaching us how to dye all colors in one pot at Marilynn’s house October- Hannah will be teaching us Quill spinning, possibly.
  Heidi is putting together a Care Package for Max due to the loss of her spindles, yarn, and material in the move. She will collect any last contributions at the December meeting and send the box off to Max.
 Virva brought in a box of donated items from a Lady to share.
 New Business: We are renewing our subscription to Spin-Off magazine, the have a DVD at the end of the year containing all the issues. We will be subscribing to Ply magazine. 2017 Officers will remain the same.