Thursday, June 6, 2013

May 11, 2013
Meeting Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The May meeting was held at Doris Woloszyn’s ranch where members got to see her prize-winning ram and all the new lambs.  Thank you Doris!

Minutes of the last meeting were corrected:  Spindle Camp is June 7-10.  Minutes were approved, as corrected, by general consent.  (Toni will take the minutes at the June meeting while Marilyn is off on vacation, again.  Thank you Toni!!)

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Doris reported we have $3174.21 with 36 members.

Library Report:  Virva has purchased the “Three Bags Full” DVD by Judith McKenzie for the library for $28.89.  She highly recommends it.  The DVD features how to pick a fleece for different needs and how to process and spin different fibers.  We may watch portions of it for an upcoming Learning Tree.

Old Business:
1.  Mim suggested we make 100 more drop spindle kits and that we need to order the supplies for them.  Virva showed a sample of one style of spindle that was easy and inexpensive to make.  Doris will purchase supplies with the guild’s debit card.  We need volunteers to help put the spindles together.  Contact Doris if you can help.
2.  Sharie announced new dates for Marilynn’s dye class: 9/21 and 22. The cutoff date for signups is 7/13.  We need to advertise this class more.  Marilynn would like flyers to go to other guilds.  She will put together the wording and Mim will send it in PDF format to so people can print the flyers themselves.
3.  Virva, Sharie, and Annabelle attended Carson Farm Days.  Toni took her alpacas too.
4.  CNCH is May 31-June 1 at Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe. CNCS is asking each guild to provide a raffle basket for their scholarship fund.  We need donations from our members.  The basket needs to be ready by May 31st.
5.  Our annual retreat is 9/13,14 &15 at Davis Creek.
6.  Doris announced the “Trailing of the Sheep” Festival in Idaho is 10/10-13 in Ketchum near Sun Valley.
7.  Max and Sharie showed their lace scarves as samples of what we’ll be doing at the retreat.  Kits are $15.75 each for our group.  Please start saving yarn, lace, silk flowers, appliqu├ęs, ribbons, edging (lightweight) and other bits and pieces for your scarf.  If you have a pop-up tent, please bring it to the retreat.  There will be an alternate activity if you don’t want to make a scarf.
8.  Marilynn reintroduced the idea of participating in the “Party in the Garden” event next year.  It will be held on 8/17 at the Arboretum this year and costs $50 per table with a % of your sale going to the Arboretum.  The annual plant sale is 6/1 with over 3000 plants to choose from.
9. Next month’s meeting is at Marilynn’s house with an indigo dye class for the Learning Tree.  Bring your own fiber to dye.

New Business:
1.  Virva reports we can’t have our October 12 meeting in the school house at Bartley Ranch so she suggests we meet at the South Meadows library.  She will reserve that date for us.  We could watch parts of the Judith McKenzie DVD there.
2.  The July Learning Tree at Mim’s ranch will be another indigo dye class and with instruction on how to prepare a whole fleece.
3.  Sharie suggested we invite Carolyn Thompson for our November Learning Tree.  She makes coiled fiber baskets.

Show and Tell: 
Long-time members Judith and Lawrence Romiti surprised members by attending and showing several of their beautiful natural colored rugs from their work in Mexico.  One rug in particular was made from eight different animals including llama, alpaca, and yak.  Max showed her cheerful hexagon wrap done with a modular knitting technique.  New member Myna showed her darling assortment of animals she’s been knitting including a very clever “cat bus”.  Margery brought an assortment of gourd seeds for members to grow.  Contact her if you’d like some seeds.  Another new member (sorry, didn’t catch your name) brought a lovely hank of yarn, her first!  Nancy Pryor showed several rainbow colored cotton scarves along with some yarn she dyed and some urine-dyed yarn.  No, that’s not a typo . . .ask Nancy for more info! 

In Attendance:
Virva Porcelli, Toni Strassburg, Nancy Pryor, Shari Jones, Maxene Harlow, Jenny Munger, Eileen Jacobs, Mimi Bullard, Margery McConaghy, Pam Sutton, Myna Fiannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Nicole Kelly, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Marilyn Pearson, Judith and Lawrence Romiti.

Next Meeting: June 15th at Marilynn Clarke’s home.
Marilynn will have an Indigo dye pot ready for anyone who would like to bring some fiber for dyeing.
Bring your chair!

Driving Directions:    From the South-- Take HWY 395 to the McCarran off-ramp, turn left and follow McCarran WEST to Socrates, turn right and follow Socrates NORTH to Greenstone, turn left (WEST) for one block to Comstock, then turn right (NORTH) to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway (left) off the pavement.  From the North-- From HWY 395 take the North Virginia off-ramp and follow N. Virginia street southward just past McCarran Blvd to Comstock, then turn left  (NORTH) up Comstock to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway off the pavement. Address:  3503 Comstock Drive  - Telephone: 786-1709