Monday, June 4, 2012

Minutes May 2012

Minutes 5/12/12

Treasurer’s Report:
We received $30 for dues, we have 40 paid members.
$518.00 was used to pay the liability insurance, the Davis Creek campsite was paid for
Our balance is $2822.00

$100 is allotted each year for additions to the library. Please email Heidi with recommendations for books or videos.

Old Business:
Member dues are due and payable.
The Living History Faire- set-up is at 8:30, our booth number is 41, Mimi has maps. We may park on Nutmeg Place right behind our booth to unload. Heidi will finish our Guild flyer.
Arboretum Garden Party-It will be held on June 1 from 5-8 p.m., Susan Ogden will be speaking.
Spindle Camp-Held in June, contact Heidi for information
Black Sheep Gathering: June 22-24
Natural Dyes Workshop- will be held Aug. 4 & 5 at Marilynn’s, it is $50 per person. Nancy will have the sock blanks prepared and ready to hand out at the June meeting.
Celtic Faire-will be held the last weekend in September or the first weekend in October.

New Business:
Sharie discussed Plucky Fluff Yarns studio at Boeger Winery. Lexie Boeger wrote the book Intertwined, which is about carding to make novelty yarn. She will do more research and report at the retreat in September, if she can attend, and plan to do carding as the Learning Tree at the October meeting.
What shall we do at the Spinster Retreat in September? Dyeing, felting, needle felting? Please let Virva know what you want to do.

Show & Tell:
Heidi showed her alpaca scarf and told us that 3 kittens helped her make it. She also shared socks made from Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn.
Linda shared that the Lion Brand “Amazing” wool/acrylic yarn is very similar to the Noro brand .
Carol shared a darling knitted baby doll, suited for a 2 year old, a hippo and a crocheted pig.
Sharie shared a scarf she made from knobby yarn that she then core spun to make the corkscrews and then she added beads while plying. She also showed green yarn from Morro Bay yarns, owned by Anna Harvey.

Max shared the baby layettes that she has started making again, her “shorty” sweaters, shawlette, alpaca yarns she has made, and her cotton spindle.
Sheila shared her shawl.
Ashley shared the stuffed Blue Dragon she made using the pattern on the Ravelry site.
Nancy shared her Chloe & Spud yarn and the baby “Leaf Blanket” . The pattern is in the free “Blue Sky Alpaca” booklet, available at Jimmy Bean’s. She also shared her dyed yarn, yarn core spun with carpet thread, and her cotton potholders.
Mimi shared her iPod pouches, hair noodles, and dread locks.
Virva told us about Farm Days in Carson City each year. Thousands of kids attend each year and they are so interested and sweet. She encouraged us to attend next year to show knitting, spinning, or whatever we wanted to do, and to let everyone know about our Guild. She also shared that she loves the Panda fiber she bought from Mimi. She said it was so easy to spin!

In attendance: Virva Porcelli, Mim Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Marilynn Clarke, Nancy Pryor, Nicole Kelly, Doris Woloszyn, Carol Nelson, Ashley Thibedeau, Susan Palwick, Sheila Young, Sharie Jones, Eileen Jacobs, Carol Lopez, Heidi Ericson, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Maxene Harlow.

We will be at Marilyns and will be doing some "Dead Flower Head" Dyeing
Remember if you are planning to dye "stuff" it needs to be mordant already. I think Nancy said she'll bring some sock planks already mordant and ready to go for you do dye if you don't have some fiber ready..
Also remind people we need 15 people  for Marilynn's dye workshop in August. We have 8 signed up already, need 7 more.

Marilyn Clarke’s home in Reno. Brown Bag Lunch
Driving Directions:    From the South-- Take HWY 395 to the McCarran off-ramp, turn left and follow McCarran WEST to Socrates, turn right and follow Socrates NORTH to Greenstone, turn left (WEST) for one block to Comstock, then turn right (NORTH) to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway (left) off the pavement.  From the North-- From HWY 395 take the North Virginia off-ramp and follow N. Virginia street southward just past McCarran Blvd to Comstock, then turn left  (NORTH) up Comstock to the end of pavement. We are the second driveway off the pavement. Address:  3503 Comstock Drive  - Telephone: 786-1709
There may be road construction around Marilyn's house. You can also take Socrates all the up to Sienna Station Way turn left and another lift on Silverstone. Park on Silverstone just past the house. Right down Silverstone a short way on your right.