Friday, May 11, 2012

April Minutes 2012

April 2012 Meeting Minutes
The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch in Reno, and started with introductions.  A correction to the March meeting minutes regarding the class size for the dye workshop. Workshop class size limited to 20 people. Treasurer Report: Guild bank balance currently at $3185.84. There are 36 paid members. Library Report: Discussion regarding Fleece and Fiber Source Book and binders with fiber information for a learning tree during a future meeting. Weaving Study: Please contact Nancy Prior if you are interested in hosting a weaving study group.
Old Business: Discussion regarding the Living History Day at Miguel Ribera Park on May 19th. There will be a shuttle bus provided from the parking lot to the event.
The May meeting will be held at Doris Wolozsyn’s home in Sierra Valley. Please see CSSW blog for directions. Farm City Days to be held at Fuji Park in Carson City May 10th and 11th. Spinners plan to set up inside the metal building at the park. Animals will be located in the barn area. Lunch will be provided. Children arrive at 8:45 am, and the day usually ends at approximately 2:00 pm.
Natural Dye Workshop will be held in August. It will be a two day class. Class size limited to 20 people. Cost is $50 for both days with materials and instructions included. Dates of class are August 3rd and 4th , or August  4th and 5th. Actual dates tba.
The electric spinner that was recently donated to the guild works. Libby is currently using it, but will make it available if you are interested in using it.
Discussion regarding Tahoe Art Exhibit. Please contact Virva for more information.
June meeting will be held at Marilynn  Clarke’s home in Reno. Marilynn will be having a dead head flower dye learning tree event after the meeting. Mordant info was handed out, so if you plan on dying something, please mordant your item prior to the meeting and bring it with you. The May Arboretum Society will be holding its plant sale and silent auction along with a speaker presentation by Scott Ogden and Lauren Springer Ogden. Events are scheduled for Friday June 1st with the 23rd annual plant sale on Saturday June 2nd. Friday’s event is $50 for lecture, and $75 includes lecture and book.
New Business: Warner Mountain Weavers is holding classes on spinning and weaving May 25th - 27th. May 27th the Sparks Museum will be holding a Celtic Exhibit. There is a small 4 harness Union loom for sale in Fallon. Asking price $450. Please contact Nancy Prior for information. The meeting sites for the summer months are as follows: May - Doris’ home. Come see the baby lambs! June - Marilynn Clarke’s home in Reno. Deadhead dye learning tree to be presented after the meeting. July - Mimi Bullard’s home in Red Rock. August - Wilbur May Arboretum in Reno. Meeting in front of the office. September - retreat at Davis Creek Park. Plan on camping for the weekend! Raffle prizes this month include a scarf donated by Myna, fleece donated by Mimi, felted childs slippers, and handwoven towels. There will be alpaca shearing at Jeanette Miller’s home in Red Rock the next 2 weekends. Anyone is invited to come out to see how it is done.  The meeting was followed with show and tell during lunch. Attendance included: Matthew Moses, Susan Moses, Eileen Jacobs, Carolyn Thompson, Marilyn Pearson, Heidi Ericson, Linda Lindsay, Kendra Iwahashi, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Mary B, Susan Palwick, Barbara Hunt, Virva Porcelli, Mimi Bullard, Janet Schueller, Carol Lopez, Nancy Prior, Marilynn Clarke, Connie Vann, Sisa Grigg, Julie Smith, Sharin Rajki, Doris Woloszyn, Toni Strassburg. 
Directions to the May meeting
Doris Woloszyn’s in Chilcoot, California.  Hwy. 395 north from Reno, past Bordertown into California.  Exit 395 at Hwy. 70 to Portola/Quincy, turn left on Hwy. 70 going west for about 2 miles.  Turn left on Scott Road after crossing Long Valley Creek, before going up Beckwourth Pass.  Scott Road is dirt, and after 4/10 mile to the railroad crossing you’ll pass 2 homes(stay left on main road, not right up the hill), the railroad tracks and creek will be on your left.

Continue south on Scott Road for one and a half miles to a small bridge over Scott Creek. 
Another 4/10 mile to a large Cottonwood tree and the 3rd home, this is where the county stops grading the road so it’s a little rougher.  Another 2/10 mile to several buildings on hill with SPRAGUE sign, but stay to left and pass the driveway.  Next 3/10 mile the road curves from left to right up a small hill.  Stay to the right at the fork, going up the hill and look for my 404-185 sign on a “rock jack” fence corner.  This is where you turn right onto my driveway.

My driveway is 4/10 mile,  first straight with a wooden fence on the left and barb wire fence on the right, then at the next group of rock jacks curve right, down over the culvert and up hill to my house …cedar siding with a dark green metal roof and large wooden barn in back.  Sounds complicated but there are very few places out here.  I’ll try to put up some signs to help.  Call 530-993-4296 if you have questions or need help.