Monday, December 9, 2013

Minutes November 2013

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
November 9, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at Bartley Ranch and was called to order at 10:50 am. 

The October minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported the guild sold 13 spindle kits for $77 at the Celtic Fair plus an addition 3 for $13.  The Celtic Fair association refunded our $200 entrance fee to thank us for attending!  We also got our $100 deposit back from the Davis Creek retreat.  The treasury has $3712.94 with 50 paid members.  Annual membership dues of $25 are due . . .soon!  January 1st.  Doris will use some funds to purchase more gallon bags and print more information sheets.

Library Report: Heidi reported she has some new DVDs in the library: “Three Bags Full” by Judith Mackenzie, “Tablet Weaving Made Easy”, and Rigid Heddle, Beyond the Basics”.  She will purchase the last two soon.  Heidi suggested we could show DVDs as a Learning Tree if we had a screen.  Marilynn offered to let the guild use hers.  Nancy suggested we purchase “Spinning Cotton”.  Virva said she would watch for it on the Interweave sales.  Heidi is working on getting a list of library items online for members to check out resources.

Old Business:

1. Nancy made and brought nametags for everyone.  Thank you Nancy!!  There’s a box by the door at each meeting for retrieving and then leaving your nametags.
2. Sharie’s email has been down due to rodents chewing the wires.  If you’ve been having trouble reaching her, that’s why.  All is fixed now.
3. Doris’s ancient answering machine is dead.  If you need to contact her, please call her in the evening. 
4. Doris is still working on a members list to mail out.  She does have some paper copies if you need one soon.
5. The Fashion Show idea is still looking for a home. Virva will ask Bartley Ranch if we could have it here.  Max is looking for people to be on the committee to organize it.

New Business:

1. Sharie discussed locations for next year’s meeting since we need to make reservations soon.  Virva moved we use the same meeting places we did this year including having the October meeting at the Celtic Fair.  Max seconded.  The motion passed by general consent.  Virva will make reservations for the Bartley Ranch schoolhouse for January, February, March, April, November, and December.  Doris will reserve Davis Creek for next year’s retreat in September.
2. Max discussed the need to nominate/volunteer officers for the next club year.  Max and Sharie offered to continue being co-presidents.  Connie declined to be vice president again.  Virva offered to be VP.  Marilyn P. nominated Kendra to be co-secretary with her next year since she did such a nice job filling in for Marilyn one month last summer.
3. The guild Potluck Christmas Party is next month on December 14.  There will also be an ornament exchange and a silent auction.  Bring items for the auction if you have them.  All auction proceeds go to the guild.  Sharie suggested putting your name in your wrapped ornament bag if it’s homemade. 
4. After discussion, it was decided to donate a large book on tapestry, leftover from the retreat, to the guild library rather than selling it.

Show and Tell: 
Max showed yarn she made at the Celtic Fair and announced she’s now a doll maker!  She showed a doll she made that looked just like her and surprised Heidi with a doll which wore a purple sweater and held a drop spindle.  Sharie showed a Mary Jane’s Magazine article with needle-felted animal patterns and suggested that as a Learning Tree.  Virva suggested we do needle felting at the next retreat.  She showed her new Pocket Wheel spinning wheel ordered 1 ½ years ago.  It works well, is very portable, and works with a wooly winder. Jimmie showed some socks she made with Kool-Aid dyed yarn. Susannah showed some yarn she made since being introduced to spinning at the Celtic Fair!  Robyn showed some green and yellow yarn she spun and announced her new business, Paisley Fiber.  Gina showed a cloth tea cozy that doubles as a hat, some silk scarves, and some silk noil she dyed.  Kendra showed a hat and her Free Lacy scarf.  Mim showed a swan-like gourd she grew from Margery’s seeds.  She also showed some felted dryer balls she made with leftover wool yarn.  She may sell them on Etsy for $5 each.  Mim also showed some pendants she made from smashed spoons.  Marilyn P.  showed some self-striping socks she made.  Pam showed some of her washed and carded wool from the Icelandic fleece she purchased.  Susan is going to the Panama Canal and is looking forward to seeing the textile market in Guatemala.  Nancy showed some core-spun yarn she made.  Heidi reported she spun 15 skeins of yarn in 1½ weeks recently.  Her cat has developed a ”fiber fetish” so she can’t display yarn on her walls anymore.  Max reported she purchased a used Ashford Traveler spinning wheel for $200 at a thrift shop.  She needs help setting it up.

The meeting was adjourned and the Mad Hatter’s Batt Party learning tree was a big success.

In Attendance:  Pam Sutton, Susan Palwick, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Mary B. Jessi Casey, Judy Applegarth, Maxene Harlow, Sharie Jones, Virva Porcelli, Jimmie Upham, Barbara Hunt, Tiffany H.  Connie Vann, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Woloszyn, Margery McConaghy, Jo Van Winkle, Susannah Coates, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Myna Giannotti, Gina Iwahashi, Kendra Iwahashi, Bev Perkins, Marilyn Pearson

Next Meeting: 

Christmas Potluck, Ornament Exchange, and Silent Auction
Saturday December 14 at Bartley Ranch.