Wednesday, December 9, 2015

November 2015 Minutes

November 14, 2015 Minutes Attendance: Carol Lopez, Christine Lopez, Hannah Woods, Gina Caudillo, Heidi Ericson, Ashley Thibedeau, Kendra Iwahashi, Janet Schueller, Judy Wells, Angela Alter, Julie Svoboda, Virva Porcelli, Carrie Bleak, Jo Van Winkle, Margery McConaghy, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Mimi Bullard, Alyce Brown, Nancy Pryor Treasurer’s Report: As of 9/11/2015, the balance was $4063.73. We received $50 for 2 dues, $13. From the Retreat Silent Auction, and paid out $14.22 for photocopies of the Spindle Kit information sheet. Balance as of 10/2/2015 was $4112.51. We received $100 from the Washoe County Parks, the refund from the Retreat cleaning deposit, $100 from donations for 20 Spindle Kits from the Celtic Fair, $250 donation from the Celtic Celebration for our participation. The balance as of 11/13/2015 is $4562.51 with 50 members. Library Report: Heidi reported that the library is missing The Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, by Anna Budd, and the Popular Wheel Mechanics DVD by Judith Mackenzie. Please let Heidi know if you have these items. Nancy shared the book, Sequence Knitting, by Cecilia Campochiaro and recommended the guild buy this book for the library. This was voted on and approved. Old Business:
 New Business: Discussed keeping the Spinster’s Retreat the second weekend of September, this will be voted on at the Dec. meeting. Heidi will be the liason with the Celtic Fair Committee and will keep us updated on all the information. There is an ongoing discussion about when to hold our meeting in October. Discussed nominations for the 2016 officers. Hannah, Virva, and Jo are happy to continue in their positions if that is agreeable to everyone. This will be discussed and voted on at the December Meeting. Discussed $300 donation for Charitable Giving. The amount and recipient will be voted on at the Dec. meeting. CNCH will be held in Modesto, CA April 8-10th. They have lowered the price to what it was 10 years ago, $280 for members for the whole Conference. It will be $25. more for non-members. CNCH will be held at the Doubletree in Modesto, there will be an informal fashion show at the McHenry Museum and they want to do a yarnstorming of Modesto. Registration will be open Jan.3rd. For more information you may go to Please let Nancy or Hannah know if you are interested in attending. Nancy suggested planning your projects for the State Fair now. The Arboretum will be holding a Gingerbread House Contest on Dec.12th. House kits will be available at cost. New signs were discussed for the Guild. Job’s Peak’s signs were done for $14. Gina has a sign machine and she will be happy to do the signs. Hannah is researching sandwich boards and kid’s chalkboard stands were discussed. These ideas will be discussed and voted on at the Dec. meeting. Virva reported that the Ranger approved our meeting times for the next year at the School House at Bartley Ranch. She will check into reserving the School House for our October meeting, in case we decide to hold it there.
 Marilyn will put on a Color Study for the Learning Trees for 3 months. The first will will be on paint in Jan., Paint in Feb., and Yarn in Mar. The fees for these will be presented at the Dec. meeting. Marilynn asked that small margarine tubs with lids be brought to the meeting. Our December meeting will be a potluck, a sign-up sheet was passed around to have a more well-rounded menu. There will be an ornament exchange and a Silent Auction. Please bring any items for the Silent Auction to the meeting. All proceeds from the Silent Auction will be going to the Guild.
Next meeting is at the Bartley Ranch in the School House December 12th. Pot Luck and the Ornament Exchange.