Monday, April 12, 2010

April 10th Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 am. Introductions were made. Minutes from last month were then approved.

Treasurer Report: To date three more dues were paid and two spindle kits were sold. The workshop attendance was 12 people for Saturday, and 13 for Sunday at $35.00/day, earning a total of $875 and $800 of that was paid to Stephanie, with a profit to the guild of $75. Discussion was made as to applying the profit to something specific, perhaps the scholarship fund. Currently we have $2120.04 in our account.

Weaving Study Group did not meet in March. Weaving Study Group April meeting TBA.

Learning Tree: Mim has asked Libby if she would be willing to show the guild her way of adding beads to knitting. It was decided that would be done after the May meeting. Learning tree for June will be skirting fleeces at Mim’s house. Please let Virva know if you have anything in particular you want to see presented during the learning tree. She has a list on the table during the meetings for ideas.

No Fair report at this time.

Reminder! May 8th is Planting Day at Bartley Ranch Park. Guild meeting starts at 9:00 am. Lunch is brown bag. Visitors will be at the park between 10:00 to 2:00 pm. Please plan on doing something as a demo. Moving outside of the school house was mentioned if the weather permits. There will be a docent in the school house during the day explaining how the school house was run. Reminder to Toni to bring the guild signs to put up on the door.

Spindle Retreat: There are at least six members from our guild who plan on camping at Lake Francis with the Foothill Fiber Guild from Nevada County.

Raffle items donated this month included books, fiber for spinning, and a calligraphy kit.

Scholarship Fund: Discussion regarding a new guild scholarship fund. Heidi proposed we put the $75 profit from the last workshop towards the fund. Motion was seconded by Allison. There was also a question as to if we want to put our raffle money towards the fund too. Allison explained the process for the SOAR scholarship fund. She stated that the process for our guild needs to be refined in order to decide how to be distributed. Discussion over what funds are used towards scholarship. It was decided to table the vote until a scholarship committee could be formed in order to evaluate the process. Allison volunteered to head up the committee with help from Amy. If you have any suggestions regarding the fund and scholarship process, please email Allison at By June we should have more information in order to bring the discussion of the fund before the members again.

Old Business: A year ago, Annabelle Younger and her husband took in their great grandchildren. The guild decided to help them with necessities with a donation. They have since adopted the children, and Doris passed around a very well written article in the Nevada Appeal regarding the Younger family adoption. The current newsletter for Craft Emergency Relief Fund was also passed around. Connie and Marilyn shared their current brood of Izzy dolls. They are still accepting donations of yarn or polyfill. Linda Loken brought in the triangle loom. It will be stored at Doris’ house. It is easy and fun to work with, and is available to guild members. Carolyn brought in the guild table loom in case anyone wants to use it.

New Business: Sharon brought in information regarding a DVD by Judith MacKenzie McCuin on wheel maintenance. It is a two DVD set. Do we want to add the DVD to our guild library? It is roughly a $40 purchase. Amy suggested purchasing the DVD through Amazon. Mary made a motion to have the guild purchase the set. Motion was seconded, and passed by members present. Amy donated several fiber related VHS tapes to the guild library.

Heidi and Nancy Grundy will be moving the guild library Saturday April 17th. Those able to help should plan on meeting at Nancy’s house by 11 am. An email will be sent out as a reminder.

Farm City Days is being held April 22nd and 23rd at Fuji Park in Carson City. Hazel, Nancy, Virva, Toni, and Ellen Goldsmith will be attending. It is really fun, the kids ask great questions, and it is well attended.

Amy has been working on the email list, doing maintenance and eliminating old email addresses. Please check the lists, and make sure your email address is correct.

There is the yearly plant sale coming up at Rancho San Rafael June 5th at the arboretum. Trees, bulbs, herbs, tomatoes, and veggies are all available. Go early, as the good stuff sells out fast.

Sharon has info regarding the Multicultural Festival being held at Western Nevada Community College in Carson City on May 15th. If you are planning on attending, please respond to Sharon Campbell at

Amy has a LeClerc Nilus floor loom with accessories that NEEDS A NEW HOME immediately. You must have your own transportation for the loom. Please contact Amy ASAP.

The alpaca samples for the Alpaca Western Extravaganza Show were done, and shipped. Thank you to Sharon, Virva, David, and Toni for spinning and judging the samples. Mim will facilitate next years judging again as long as she has spinners willing to do the spinning.

Linda Lindsay was contacted by the organizer of the Celtic Fair. They have asked if our guild members would again be willing to demo spinning during the fair. It is to be held October 2nd and 3rd. They will be donating $100 to our guild for our participation. Do you have problems with access to the blog site? If so, please contact Amy or Sharon.

Doris shared email info from Deep Color Studio regarding a felting open house and wool sale. It will be held at Deep Color Studio, 450 Colusa Ave. Kensington, CA on April 18th. Attendance is free.

The meeting was then halted for lunch, followed by Show and Tell , but I was so caught up in what everyone was sharing, I forgot to take notes! I’m sorry! Sharon Campbell then gave a short talk on color theory. It was very interesting, and educational, thank you Sharon!
Next month’s meeting will be held at Bartley Ranch on May 8th and will start early at 9:00 am. Don’t forget!

Those in attendance: Toni Strassburg, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd, Doris Woloszyn, Nancy Grundy, Marilynn Clarke, Connie Vann, Judy Wells, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Janet Schueller, Sharie Jones, Sharon Campbell, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Mary B, Mimi Bullard, Linda Loken, Virva Porcelli, Heidi Ericson, Allison Judge, Amy Shannon, Carolyn Thompson.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

March 13th Minutes

Thank you Alisa for starting the minutes for me! I appreciate the help, and apologize for running late and ultimately my interruption. The meeting was called to order at 11:00 am, a motion was made by Connie to approve the January and February minutes, minutes approved.

Treasurer Report: Liability insurance of $519.00 which is the same as last year to be paid. Paid 26.46 for new checks. Dues for 4 new members, 7 paid. The raffle made $34 and the spindle $10 We have 32 paid members.

Weaving Study Group: will meet at Connie’s house on March 27th, 10 a to 4 p.

Stephanie G Workshop: $35 per day with materials cost pending. March 20 and 21. Saturday class will be color blending and Sunday will involve spinning. Classes to be held at Sky Peaks. 10 am to 4 pm.

There is no fair report or learning tree today. Please let Mim know if you are interested in anything in particular and be sure to write it down for her so she can update her info. Thank you!

Planting Day at Bartley Ranch May 8th. This will be going on in the park from 10 am to 2 pm. Discussion involved starting our meeting early or limiting our meeting to ½ hour. A motion was made by Toni to start our meeting early, and it was second by Mary. Motion approved, so the meeting will start at 9 am in order for the schoolhouse to be available to visitors without interrupting our meeting.

Nancy Grundy informed the group that the library transition to Heidi’s home was in process, and should take the next couple of months to accomplish. There is a list of books on our site, so if you are looking for something in particular, please check the library before you spend money on a new book.

Spindle retreat camping at Lake Francis: 6 people from our guild are planning on attending. Please check the yahoo list regarding cost. The retreat is being held May 22nd and 23rd.

A note from Reno Fiber Guild: At the time of the meeting there was 1 spot left for the Weavers Workshop. Cost is $117.00 plus $20 material fee. April 1st brings Laura Viada to speak at the Reno Fiber Guild meeting 6:30 at South Valleys Library.

Thank you to Connie for posting the Izzy Doll pattern. Please remember to donate your unwanted yarn or poly batting for fill the Izzy Doll project.

Update on Marilyn’s health status: Home from the hospital and is in good condition after surgery to remove an unhealed area from last surgery.

There is no raffle this meeting, but Nancy assured us more fun stuff for the next meeting.

Old Business: Connie has Fiber Friends list for handout. Connie explained the list is a reference to members regarding skills other members have that might be useful to you if you are learning something new.

Nancy explained the Weaving Study Group is for anyone to attend, you don’t need to know how to weave nor do you have to own a loom. Meetings are held at various locations, 10 am to 2 pm.

Doris brought up the potlucks. There seem to be fewer during the year, and a large portion of the members are not participating. There are only 4 meetings involving potluck meals this year.

Discussion was made regarding the noise during the meetings. A smaller circle was suggested, and Verva has a bell to get everyone to remember to be respectful during the meeting. Toni suggested holding down and tickling offenders. Please be respectful to Verva, and other members during the meeting, and hold your comments or whispers until a more appropriate time. Thank you!

Reno Fiber Guild has an exhibit at the Sparks Library through the month of March. Library located off Oddie Blvd. across from Community Center on 12th Street.

Please see Linda Loken regarding several looms for sale. Linda is relocating to Portland Oregon. It was agreed that we would miss her very much, but wish her the best in her new adventures.

Show and Tell:
Connie: hairpin lace from Grandmother.
Nancy P: Schatt wheel with old and new pieces - way to recycle Nancy!
Toni: First handspun hand knit sweater.
Mary: Tale of spinning with children in her neighborhood. Ishmael, a 3rd grader is learning spinning from Mary, and he is doing quite well. His goal is a new hat.
Melinda: Spinning lessons from Allison Judge resulted in her sharing her 1st skein! Applause followed!
Alisa: Wool felting project.
Carolyn: Adorable hat made with felted alpaca.
Sharrie: Navajo spindle from an antique store in Tahoe. Spun fiber bought from Mim, an adorable hat knitted in the round and felted. Book on hand dying yarn and fleece.

Meeting was adjourned. Those in attendance were: Elisa Ross, Connie Vann, Nancy Grundy, Nancy Pryror, Janet Schueller, Barbara Hunt, Malinda Parks, Sharrie L Jones, Estes Ward, Mary B, Carolyn Thompson, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Doris Woloszyn, Linda Loken, Libby Hejny, David Armer, Toni Strassburg