Friday, October 28, 2011

October 2011 Minuets

October 2011 Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 11 AM, with introductions. There were two ladies present as guests, Rachel Roden, who found out about our guild at the Celtic Fair, and Susan Pelwick. We are very glad you two found us, and we welcome you to our guild.
The September meeting minutes were approved with only a minor correction regarding the Gold Country Gathering Alpaca Show being held in October in Grass Valley, Ca. A big THANK YOU! goes out to Jo Van Winkle who took care of the minutes for September in my absence.
Treasurer Report: As of 10 -7- 11, we have $209 from the retreat, $100 refund from Davis Creek Park, $20 from a new member, for a total of $2927.44. There are currently 45 paid guild members.
Weaving Study Group: Nancy Prior heads up our weaving study group. Interested members meet at a designated home, and are invited to bring their own looms of any kind for individual help. If you are interested in hosting a weaving study group, please contact Nancy Prior to set this up. There is no weaving study meeting currently scheduled at this time.
Raffle: Marilyn Clark brought in a beautiful Mum she purchased at Dry Creek Garden Company in Reno. The mum was put up for silent auction after the meeting. Thank you Marilyn! If you are interested in donating anything for the raffle, please contact Barbara Hunt, as she is currently our (very successful) raffle  coordinator.  There was also discussion about the great deal on the mums at Dry Creek Garden Center!
Old Business: Discussion regarding the Celtic Fair. Our guild was awarded a $200 honorarium from the Celtic Celebration, and there is a standing invitation for our guild to participate next year! From the sound of the discussion, many of our members had a great time participating. There seems to be more to the story regarding the ‘Pirates’, and the fact that we need more of the drop spindle kits was discussed. The spindle kits that were available were quite popular, and sold out.  Mark Lindsay spoke regarding signage and a request for more vendors for next year’s event. If you have suggestions or questions regarding next year’s Celtic Celebration, please contact Mark or Linda Lindsay. 
Sharie Jones had checked in to the availability of the Valhalla Historical Site at Lake Tahoe. The cost, $500 per day, with a $500 deposit was discussed. It was determined that the cost of using the site might be too expensive for our guild to manage alone. Discussion  followed regarding some sort of multi guild event, something along the lines of the jamboree the guild used to host in Carson City.
Doris Woloszyn brought up the fact that it is almost time to reserve the group camp area at Davis Creek Park for next years retreat. This was approved by those present.
There was discussion regarding the equipment list. It was made up by Doris, and soon will be added to the website. It was agreed that an additional list of supplies for each item of equipment will be provided too. It was agreed that the warping board would be added to the equipment that goes with the looms. The warping board was purchased by Heidi Ericson and donated to the guild. Thank you very much Heidi! If you are a member of the guild, and would be interested in borrowing a piece of equipment from the guild, such as a spinning wheel or loom, you may do so for free as long as you are a paid member.
Discussion of officers for 2012. It was decided that many of the current members will agree to continue with their positions if agreeable to the membership however if you are interested in acting as guild president for 2012, please let Virva know. Elections are coming up!
Don’t forget the guild library is available to members. If you are interested in something from the library, please let Heidi Ericson know. She will assist you with this. Marilyn has suggested adding the Fleece and Fiber Source book to our library. She has a copy, and all in attendance agreed it would be a great book to add to our library. The cost will put our library budget of $100 over by $5 but it was decided the overage was within reason. Marilyn Clarke will contact Sundance Book Store for our guild library copy of the book. Thank you Marilyn!
Meeting places for 2012 was discussed. Dates for both Bartley Ranch and Sky Peaks are tentative. There are a few months where we will be meeting at member’s homes. According to Brian, the park ranger, if we have booked Bartley Ranch and they end up renting the building, we will be given 2 weeks notice in order to find another place to meet. It was decided that the Christmas or December meeting will be held at Bartley Ranch. This will be a pot luck meeting.
New Business: The Gold Country Gathering Alpaca Show is being held in Grass Valley, California on October 22nd and 23rd.  If you would be interested in going and would like to carpool, please let Virva know as she would be going.  The Red Rock Community Center is holding a fundraiser on October 22nd, and is looking for vendors. If you are interested in participating, please contact Mim Bullard. Red Rock is north of Reno approximately 30 miles. Spin Off magazine is offering a spinning weekend in Southern California November 3rd through the 5th. Info can be found on their website. SOAR, or the annual  Spin Off Annual Retreat will be held once again at Granlibakken Resort at Lake Tahoe in 2012!
There was discussion regarding the boxes of stuff used during state fair. Virva is currently providing a home for them in her garage, but would like to find those boxes a new home. Suggestions were made to inventory the contents, eliminate what is no longer needed.
The learning tree for this meeting was two ended knitting, demonstrated by Mim. Thank you Mim!
Show and Tell: Doris: Books and programs from her recent trip to Colorado and the Border Collie Sheepdog Trials. Ribbons won for sheep fleeces from Monterey Wool. Black Sheep, and Mendocino Wool Shows. Good job! Congratulations! Toni: hiking story. (as promised, the mailing address for El Dorado County Search and Rescue is PO Box 721 Placerville, Ca. 95667). Sue G: Beautiful tatting accomplished while attending the Celtic Fair. Susan: Christmas Story resulting in a creative gift by her husband of the penlight and  Bobby’s whistle…yes, I was paying attention : ) Linda: Sock blank socks made from the Wilton dye happy face dyed blank. Mim: Two ended knitted hat. Virva: Dyed roving from the retreat in September. Max: Drop stitch scarf and hat from a blank dyed at the September retreat, circular jacket beginning, Knit Swirl book (Happy Birthday Max!). Sharie: Entrelac book (Happy Birthday Sharie!), Panda sock yarn dyed at September retreat. Mary: Roving for a knitted earflap hat, beautiful roving of different colors, knit sweater beginning. Heidi: Kool Aid dyed sock blanks. Nancy: Lanaset dyed green and yellow roving.
Attendance: Toni Strassburg, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Rachel Roden, Doris Woloszyn, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Marilyn Clarke, Judy Wells, Mary B, Sharie Jones, Maxene Harlow, Virva Porcelli, Mimi Bullard, Mark and Linda Lindsay, Connie Vann, Sheila Young, Susan Pelwick, Sue Gottsacker, Carolyn Thompson
Here are the directions to our next meeting at Sky Peaks:
Sky Peak Ranch: Sky Peaks in Northwest Reno.  A map is available here:  You can access it from 4th street a little west of Truckee River Nursery or from a road you can enter on McCarran going south turning to the right like you wanted to reach Home Depot. At that stop sign, turn right, keep going for awhile through a light and go another few blocks and Sky Peaks is on the left. The community room is on the back or NW side.

Monday, October 3, 2011

September 2011 Minutes

CSSW  Minutes  9/10/2011
Treasurer’s Report:
Doris reported that 2 people had paid dues and we have 1 new member,  bringing our total to 44. No money was spent this last month, our balance is $2573.44.
Weaving Study Group: Nancy needs someone to host the group on the 3rd or 4th Saturday of the month.
Old Business:
Celtic Fair, Oct. 1-2-Linda reported that since the Celtic Fair and the Guild were both non-profit, we could sell small ticket items at the Fair and hand out business cards. Large ticket items though, should be sold outside of the Fair.
They requested a biography of the Guild, so Linda will give them the one from our blogspot.
Period costumes are encouraged but not required. We will be in the same area as last year and Mark said the Heritage Society is there all night so we could leave our equipment, etc. overnight with no security issues.

The October meeting will be held at Bartley Ranch.
The November meeting will be held at Sky Peak.
It is undecided whether the December meeting will be held at Nancy Grundy’s house or Bartley Ranch.

New Business:
It was agreed that White Elephant/free items that are not claimed at the meetings will be donated to the Assistance League as suggested by Janet Drozd.
Members were encouraged to attend the Nevada County Fair in Grass Valley, CA, held October 22-23. Some of our members are doing the judging and placing of the Alpaca samples for this event.
Re-election of the officers was discussed and the following members volunteered to continue in their positions.
Virva Porcelli-President
Connie Vann-Vice-President
Doris Wolosyn-Treasurer
Barbara Hunt-Raffles
Heidi Ericson-Library
Mimi Bullard-Website, Learning Tree
Nancy Pryor and Marilynn Clark will continue to house most of the Guild’s equipment.  Doris Wolosyn and Heidi Ericson will continue storing the Library and other items. Doris has a partial equipment list that will be put on the website and added to as needed. It was decided that a “contents” label would be put on equipment, such as looms, listing all pieces.
Nancy Pryor requested we purchase 200 more texsolv heddles to complete the Guild looms. The approximate $40 purchase was approved.
Sharie Jones reported that she stopped in at Valhalla by Camp Richardson in Tahoe and talked to the owner about our Guild. The owner was very enthusiastic about our holding an event there. Rental of the building is free to non-profit organizations or $500 for others. It could be rented for 3-5 days. Sharie and Doris will discuss all the details to be brought up with the owner. Sharie will get back to us with that information. The group discussed having a Guild Jamboree weekend there in late August or September. We were all very excited about this idea! Valhalla is a large building and has an Art room. The setting is gorgeous with beautiful views of the Lake and Valhalla does the advertising for events. The Guild will form a committee to invite other guilds, fiber groups and vendors to participate, as well as, handle all the other preparations needed.
Black Sheep Gathering, June 22-24: Doris reported that the Olympic Field Trials will again be going on during the time of the Gathering. This causes a room shortage in Lane County and Eugene, Oregon.  Please contact Travel Lane County at 1-800-547-5445 for motel reservations.  Camping space is available. This area does not have water or electricity available and no campfires are allowed, so cooking must be done on stoves. There are showers available in the County buildings.
The Foothill Fiber Guild is holding their Spindle Retreat May 30-June 3. More details on this event later.

Show and Tell:
Mimi showed a beautiful hat she knitted from her Shetland sheep, Marin, and talked about the “two end knitting” she used.
Libby Hejny showed the beautiful Irish Linen bag her friend brought her from Ireland. It has lavender embroidered on it and is filled with Mimi’s lavender.
Mary B. shared a book , Sock Knitting: Teach Yourself Visually
Sharie shared a story about the top she is making, she hackled merino and alpaca fibers with a cake fork while on vacation in Ohio. Not only beautiful but very inventive as well!
Nancy showed her famous  “fish stringer” with helix scarves and Weave-It loom items displayed on it. She shared that she came by weaving honestly, as she showed us the exquisite covering that her Great-Great-Grandmother made. She spun the wool and then wove it on a 6 heddle loom that her Great-Great-Grandfather probably built. They came here in 1849 from Kentucky.
Sue Gottsacker showed her beautiful tatted doily and shared  tatting books.
Virva opened a discussion of next year’s meeting places. She asked if we wanted another “DVD Day” at the library also. Final meeting places and information will be posted later.
In attendance were: Virva Porcelli, Libby Hejny, Barbara Hunt, Mary B., Sharie Jones, Jo Van Winkle, Mimi Bullard, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Connie Vann, Marilynn Clarke, Doris Wolosyn, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Heidi Ericson, Carol Lee Lopez, Nancy Pryor and Sue Gottsacker.
The Silent Auction was concluded at 2:00 and many of us went home with wonderful treasures! Thank you!