Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Meeting Minutes 2012

The February meeting was held at Bartley Ranch Regional Park in the school house. We opened with introductions as there were many guests present. Guests included Lisa, Julie, Sharon, Matthew, Ashley, Kendra, and Myna. Welcome to all who joined us for the first time, and we hope to see you again.
January meeting minutes were approved with one minor change. That change was in regard to a dollar amount of $850. Instead of $850 it should read $350. Thank you very much to Jo Van Winkle for taking care of the January minutes.
Treasurer Report: The guild has a total balance of $2921.85 on account. Please be advised, liability insurance will be due in March. A new check endorsement stamp was approved at a cost of $33. The old stamp had to be retired after ten years of faithful service.
Heidi brought several items from the guild library. Please contact Heidi Ericson if you need something from the guild library.
Weaving Study Group: If you are interested in learning about your loom, please contact Nancy Prior to set up a lesson.
Old Business: Please sign the card for Nancy Grundy. As many of you know, Nancy has been undergoing some health issues, and our thoughts and positive energy are with her.
Discussion followed regarding the Living History day at Miguel Ribera Park on May 19th. Please contact Mimi Bullard if you are interested in selling items at the history day, as there is paperwork to be filled out and signed.
This year Spindle Camp will be held at Lake Francis June 13th through the 17th. The camp is located near Dobbins, California. Please contact Virva Porcelli if interested.
Black Sheep Gathering is coming! This year’s date is June 22nd through the 24th. Plan on making your hotel reservations soon, as there is usually a track and field tournament in Eugene Oregon the same weekend, so hotel rooms fill up fast.
New Business: Discussion regarding the blog and removing some of the old information.
There was discussion about changing the format of the monthly meetings. Do you prefer shorter meetings? Learning tree every month? It was generally decided that there might be some changes to the learning tree portion of the meeting, with the meeting format to remain the same.
Farm City Days at Fuji Park in Carson City will be held May 9th and 10th this year. Guild members are welcome to come and spend both days inside the building to demonstrate fiber related activities to elementary school age children. Lunch is provided by the Nevada Cattlewoman’s Association.
Good news if you are a fan of the Celtic Highlands Fair. There is a bus to Woodland this year! If you are interested in attending, please contact Mark Lindsay , and do it soon as seats on the bus should fill up soon. The Highlands games will be held April 28 th.
There is a viola for sale - Please contact  Susan for info. There was an electric spinner donated to the guild by Lorraine. Nancy will take it home and make sure it is in working condition.
Show and Tell: Virva -skein holder made by a friend, books, magazine. Libby - shawl from a crystal palace pattern made from panda silk. Barbara- shawl using small needles, short row scarf from a ravelry pattern. Mim - felted dreadlocks and dreads with emu feathers. Marilyn P - alpaca gloves, bag. Janet - vest. Susan - hand woven scarf auctioned off as a fundraiser . Sharon and Julie- knitted and fulled bags.  Sheila - knitted baby sweater. Linda - socks from Mim’s fiber. Sharie - I cord scarf using size 30 needles, scarf made from hand spun art yarn. Max - scarf made from blank dyed at the retreat, socks made from yarn leftovers, skirt knit from her and Heidi’s design pattern, and a sweet story regarding Valentine Past and Present.
Max also had a Valentine gift for all present! Thank you very much Maxine, for such an nice surprise.
Gary and Malinda Parks also put in a request for assistance regarding finding hosts for the upcoming student exchange program at Sageridge School in Reno Nevada. If you think you are interested in being a host family, or know of someone who might be interested, please contact Gary or Malinda for more information. Thank you!
Those in attendance were: Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle, Carolyn Thompson, Sharon Rajki (sp?), Julie Smith, Lisa Grigg, Janet Schuler, Carol Lopez, Barbara Hunt, Libby Hejny, Virva Porcelli, Sharie L. Jones, Maxene Harlow, Myna Giannotti, Kendra Iwahashi, Ashley Thibedeau, Sheila Young, Heidi Ericson, Linda and Mark Lindsay, Connie Vann, Susan Palwick, Eileen Jacobs, Janet Drozd, Judy Wells, Marilyn Pearson, David Armer, Matthew Moses, Toni Strassburg

Our next meeting will be March 10 th at the Skye Peak Rec Hall 

Sky Peak Ranch: Sky Peaks in Northwest Reno.  A map is available here:  You can access it from 4th street a little west of Truckee River Nursery or from a road you can enter on McCarran going south turning to the right like you wanted to reach Home Depot. At that stop sign, turn right, keep going for awhile through a light and go another few blocks and Sky Peaks is on the left. The community room is on the back or NW side.