Monday, September 23, 2013

Minutes September 2013

Madder Root
Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
September 14, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was the guild’s annual retreat and was held at Davis Creek Park.  The meeting was called to order at 11:15 am. 

The August minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Doris reported she has received 3 more paid dues for $75 and 3 more dye workshop signups for $195.  The guild reimbursed $19.48 for the spindles kits and $20 for other supplies.  Currently, the guild has $3482.10 with 50 members.  Toni moved that the guild reimburse Max for the Free Lace shawl supplies, Janet D. seconded and the motion was approved.  The check will be reported next month and will be $40-50. 

Library Report: Heidi reported “Nothing new”.

Old Business:
1. Sharie thanked Mim for all the emails she sent out for retreat planning.
2. Members will get name tags blanks from Nancy Pryor at the next meeting and can make their own nametags. 
3. Doris passed around a member info sheet for editing.  Please contact Doris to update your info if you weren’t at today’s meeting.
4. Marilynn’s dye class is next weekend.  The materials sheet was sent around for members who’ve signed up for the class.  Marilynn still needs stainless steel pots and burners/camp stoves, if you can bring them.
5. Virva, Mim, and Doris attended the Plumas County Fair in Quincy at the invitation of Anna Harvey.  They were part of a group of 8 demonstrating fiber arts in an air-conditioned building.  They highly recommend more members attend next year.
6. Anna also invited the guild to attend Discovery Days near Graeagle next July.  Doris attended this year.
7. Our October meeting will be on a different day, Saturday, Oct 5th, at the Celtic Fair at Bartley Ranch, on level grass.  Doris will submit a member list so you should be able to get in for free at the entrance.  Bring your spinning wheel/spinning supplies and dress in costume, if you wish. Nancy will set up our area at 3:00 on Friday.  Contact her if you can help.
8. Marilyn and Mim finished the card stock flyers and passed them out at the meeting today.  Marilyn will store the flyers and bring them to the next few meetings.  Contact her if you need some before then.

New Business:
1. Bob, the ranger at Rancho San Rafael Park, invited the guild to participate in Harvest Days at the park on Sept 21st, from 10 to mid-afternoon.  Shari will get more info and Mim will email it to everyone.
2. Max announced the Woolery online store is doing a “Spinzilla”, Oct 7-13.  Spinners can register, be placed on a team, and compete for the most yarn produced over that week.  Yarn goes to charity.  Contact Max if you need more information or checkout the Woolery shop online.
3. Virva and Robin both have Ashford Traveler wheels they’re selling.  $400 or make an offer.
4. The Nevada Waldorf School, 953 West Pecham Lane, Reno, is looking for fiber artists to give demonstrations to their students.  Mim emailed this request to guild members several weeks ago.
5. Heidi sent around a card for Carol Lopez who fell and broke her hip and femur this past week.
6. Doris announced the Black Sheep Gathering dates for next year might be different than printed in their newsletter.  She thinks the dates are June 20-22 but will check and let us know.

Show and Tell:

Janet S.  had some mystery fiber she asked member to identify.  The consensus was soy or some sort of vegetable fiber.  Marilyn showed a skein of nylon eyelash yarn which looked and felt like fur along with info about the Harry Potter knits magazine she purchased and downloaded from the Interweave online store.  Heidi showed her Turkish bed socks she knit for Max to thank her for letting her stay in her “princess bedroom” recently.  She also showed a dusty blue, cabled vest she made but is too big for her.  It needs a home.  Connie tried it on and a deal was done.  Ashley showed a lovely skein of blue Merino/bamboo/silk, 2 ply, she spun from some of Mim’s fiber.  Myna showed a hank of newly spun fiber saying, “I finally finished a skein!”  Kendra showed some fiber Gina dyed “and only felted a little” along with a gorgeous three-dimensional granny square shawl made with variegated acrylic yarn.  Robin show a book, North American Dye Plants she’s using to experiment with dyeing and some samples:  Alpaca/Corriedale/silk fiber dyed with rabbitbrush in shades of yellow and an unknown fiber dyed with purple flowers that turned out a muted green.  Robin uses tin as a mordant but reuses it and has heard that people never throw it out.  Sharie showed a floppy tam she made out of ribbon yarn and a novelty yarn.  She went to a bat party and showed several bats she made, suggesting this would be a fun Learning Tree activity for on of the guild’s winter indoor meeting.  Sharie also showed her Free Lace shawl and members watched as she washed out the stabilizer.  Max showed a bat she made from an inspiration photo of Emerald Bay “with the color pumped up”.  She also showed a “Max Doll” she made from a pattern in the British magazine, Molly Magazine, and commented on the tensioning info in the latest Spin Off magazine.  Doris commended on an article in Heifer Magazine, “How to make cheese like a Romanian Grandma”.  She had fun at the 2013 Ram Sale at Rafter Seven Ranch and read some comments about her win at Black Sheep Gathering from their newsletter.  Doris recently sent 10 fleeces to a wool and fleece auction in Monterey and won 10 ribbons!  Nine of the fleeces sold for a total of $883.  Congratulations Doris!  Robin showed her new, one-of-a-kind Majacraft Pioneer wheel in chartreuse.  She’s looking for someone to paint designs on the wheel. 

In Attendance:  Janet Schueller, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Jo Van Winkle, Toni Strassburg, Doris Woloszyn, Maxene Harlow, Sharie L. Jones, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Margery McConaghy, Virva Porcelli, Kendra Iwahashi, Myna Giannotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Heidi Ericson, Connie Vann, and Marilyn Pearson.

Next Meeting:  Saturday Oct 5th at the Celtic Fair at Bartley Ranch
They will have a list of our members so when you enter the park drive down to the check in spot for the Fair. You will then take a left and a right and park down at the end of the park. As you drive to the parking area you will see a covered patio on your right. We will be on the grass down from the patio.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

August 2013 Minutes

Smoky August

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild
August 10, 2013 Minutes
Sharie L. Jones and Maxene Harlow, Co-Presidents

The meeting was held at the Rancho San Rafael Arboretum and was called to order at 10:55 am. 

The July minutes were approved by general consent.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Doris announced money is being collected for Marilynn’s dye workshop, 8 dues were paid for a total of $225, and the guild received a $20 donation for books.  Sharie was reimbursed for the 2 books she purchased for the guild library ($42.75), and the guild paid $179.69 for the wood for the spindle project.  The treasury has $3251.58 (which includes $765 for the dye workshop) and the guild has 47 members.

Library Report:  Librarian Heidi had “nothing new” to report.

Old Business:
1. President Sharie thanked Nancy Pryor for making the spindles for the spindle kits.  Mim would like some to take to her local farmers’ market.  The guild has 4 different spindle wheels and Mary moved to charge $5 for the small spindles and $8 for the larger spindles.  Margie seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.
2. President Sharie reminded members that our next meeting is the annual guild retreat at Davis Creek Park on September 14.  The Learning Tree will be the Free Lace Scarf she has been showing at the past couple of meetings.  Max will have one kit per person available, no charge, at the retreat.  If you want more scarf kits or need a shawl or table runner kit, Max needs to know.  You will be charged for those.  Mim will send out an email to all members with this info.  Suggestions for what to bring to make the scarf include pins to pin items in place and tissue paper to roll up the scarf for transporting.  Please bring extra tables and pop-ups if you have them.
3. Marilynn’s dye workshop is September 21-22.  Fifteen people have signed up so far.  Marilynn passed around instructions for participants today.  Check with her if you weren’t there today. She needs some stainless steel pots and burners (like a camp stove) for the workshop. 
4. Sharie briefly discussed the signups for the Party in the Garden Fashion Show Max has proposed for next year.  It was decided to wait until next meeting when Max could give further details. 
5. Our October meeting place has changed. Nicole Kelly will be out of town so can’t offer her home.  The members voted to have our meeting at the Celtic Fair at Bartley Ranch on October 5th.  Admission is free if you bring a wheel.
6. The new guild flyer was discussed.  Marilyn P. sent around a draft of text submitted by Mim with different fonts.  Members made a selection and voted to have the 250 pages of flyers, three per page, printed on light green card stock.  Sharie moved to reimburse Marilyn for the expense of printing, Virva seconded, and the motion passed by general consent.  Mim and Marilyn will have the flyers ready for the September meeting.
7. Doris and Virva are planning on going to the Plumas County Fair next week and the Quincy fairgrounds.  Anna Hardy has offered them space inside the building with the quilt displays.

New Business:
1. Amy Shannon invited guild members to demonstrate fiber arts at Main Station Farm for Farm Days, the same Saturday as our retreat.  Several members announced they plan to attend both events.
2. Marilyn P. asked if the members could have nametags.  Nancy Pryor has the supplies and will bring them to the next meeting so each member can make up their own.
3. Leslie Godbe asked for a learning tree on ratios on spinning wheels.  Basic spinning techniques was also suggested.  Sharie is keeping a list of ideas for learning trees for our indoor meetings.

Show and Tell:

Amy showed her yarn dyed with wolf lichen, a wool and mohair blend. She also had a lovely garter stitched shawl from Lorna’s Lace, a wool and silk, with mitered squares.  “It took me year to finish!”  Sharon showed her socks, a Truckee Shawl, an Age of Brass shawl and several others.  Susan was working on some striped socks, knitting both at the same time, use a magic loop method.  Sharie showed her indigo dyed fiber she’ll use to make slippers and her beautiful core spun, many colored mohair fiber that’s so pretty she decided to wear it as a necklace rather than make it into something.  Kendra showed the yarn she dyed at Marilynn’s house at our last meeting and announced she has a new wheel.  Leslie finally spun her silk noil.  Marilyn P. showed a baby sweater she knit for her new grandson, due in November.  Carolyn had flyers for the Reno Open Studio she’s participating in.  Nancy showed scarves she’s woven to show the differences achieved with washing and pressing.  Mim showed her felted “noodle” necklaces and how cute they are as tassels on hats.  Jean’s sister visiting from England showed a purple sweater she’s making for her great niece out of sport weight yarn.  Toni showed a Ken Ledbetter drop spindle she wants to sell.  She paid $45.  Make an offer if you’re interested.  Robin has an Ashford Traveler spinning wheel for sale for $350. 

In Attendance:  Nicole Kelly, Pat Thomas, Colette Coleman, Doris Woloszyn, Eileen Jacobs, Toni Strassburg, Robin Gallagher, Mimi Bullard, Amy Shannon, Susan Palwick, Heidi Ericson, Virva Porcelli, Sharie Jones, Marilynn Clarke, Kendra Iwahashi, Mary B., Leslie Godbe, Nancy Pryor, Sheila Young, Margerie McConaghy, Judy Wells, Malinda Parks, Gary Parks, Carolyn Thompson, Janet Schueller, Marilyn Pearson.

Next Meeting:  Saturday, September 14, Davis Creek Park