Tuesday, March 7, 2017

February 2017 Minutes

In Attendance: Amy Shannon, Allison Judge, Janet Drozd, Connie Vann, T. Demeritt, Janet Schueller, Marilyn Clarke, Ashley Thibedeau, Kendra Iwahashi, Annabelle Younger, Toni Sundberg, Miriam Volpin, Jenny Rader, Gina Caudillo, Sandi Steele, Judy Wells, Hannah Woods, Nancy Pryor, Mimi Bullard, Carrie Bleak, Jo Van Winkle, Heidi Ericson

Old Business:
Please bring your Charitable Donation ideas to March meeting.

A 2 year membership to Handweavers Guild of America was approved.

We will be having a Social and Potluck at the March meeting instead of the Learning Tree. Gina Iwahashi will teach us Shibori, possibly, at the September Spinster’s Retreat.

We will not be able to have our November meeting at the Schoolhouse, several members are checking on other possible sites.

New Business:
HGA and CNCH will both be held near or in Reno this year. HGA will be held in Squaw Valley, CNCh may be held at the Peppermill.

We have been invited to participate in the Artisan Fair at the South Valley’s Library again this year. It will be held on Saturday, June 17th from noon until 4 p.m. Will be representing this year? Guild Minutes February 11, 2017

Our March meeting will be at Bartley Ranch Park Saturday the 11th.

Monday, January 23, 2017

January 2017 Minutes

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild Meeting Minutes – 1/14/17
Call to order at 11am, welcome, dues are due to Doris – they are $25/year
Intros, In attendance – Hannah Woods, Sandi Steele, Gina Caudillo, Bev Perkins, Amy Shannon, Allison Judge, Julie Svboda, Jenny Rader, Janet Schuells, Ashley Thibedeau, Heidi Ericson, Virva Porcelli, Leslie Gobbe, Connie Vann, Margerie McConaghy, Nancy Pryor, Lisa Stevenson, Judy Wells, Rhonda LaFontaine, Doris W., Marilyn Clark, Angela Alter
Treasurer Report – as of 12/9/16 balance is $4859.39, 45 members for 2016 (6 for 2017), 3 dues collected + $75, Deposit for Davis Creek Campground (Sept 8-10, 2017) - $350, total as of 1/13/17 is $4584.39.
Old Business – Learning tree today is making dryer balls with Hannah, update to learning tree schedule for the year – Annabelle is unable to teach in April (she will teach Art Yarns in Oct) so Heidi will teach tablet weaving in April (Nancy P. to supplement or teach if Heidi is not able to), in May Doris will show us how to check fleeces for all kinds of problems, in Sept at the retreat we will probably do more dying.
New Business – February learning tree will be beginning weaving with Nancy P – please bring notebook and calculator with square root function, Stitches West is Feb 23-26 and Angela Alter is looking for a pal to go with her (she is driving) please contact her if you are interested. Bartley Ranch Park will be closed Nov 11th (Veterans Day, our normal meeting day) including the schoolhouse so we need to find a different location that day – Nancy P will looking into Sky Peaks (if no fee needed she will make reservation) and will report at Feb meeting, South Valley Library was suggested but they will be closed as well, Gina looked into a place called Create in Reno but will not work for us. 2018 will be exciting year for Fiber Arts around the Reno area – April will have the CNCH conference up at Squaw Valley, July will have HGA Convergence at the Peppermill! Discussed becoming members of both HGA and CNCH – Nancy P will f/u with HGA, Hannah will f/u with CNCH. Both to report at Feb meeting.
Ripple Scarf Pattern the Heidi and Connie were working on – K2tog, K5, KFB, K4 (12 sts)

Next Meeting is on Feb 11, 2017 at Bartley Ranch Schoolhouse.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minutes for December 2016 Meeting

Guild Minutes December 10, 2016

In Attendance: Margery McConaghy, Nancy Pryor, Bev Perkins, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Heidi Ericson, Judy Wells, Carrie Bleak, Gina Caudillo, Angela Alter, Alyce Brown and Myah

Treasurer’s Report:
As of 11/11/2016, our balance was $4,729.39. We received $125.00 in dues, and $5.00 for a spindle kit. As 12/9/16, our balance is $4,859.39 with 45 members for 2016 and 6 members for 2017.
Old Business:
Learning Trees for 2017-
January- Hannah will show us how to make Dryer Balls
February- Nancy will be teaching us Basic Weaving
March- Gina will be teaching us Shibori
April-Annabelle will teach us how to make Boucle yarn ???
May- ??? at Doris’s
June- We will be dyeing fiber with indigo and other natural dye stuffs at Mimi’s house
August-Nancy will be teaching us how to dye all colors in one pot at Marilynn’s house
September- ??? at Retreat
October- Hannah will be teaching us Quill spinning, possibly

New Business:
January Learning Tree Supplies for Wool Dryer Balls:

Hannah will have kits available for $5, (not including a needle felting tool). If not purchasing a kit, please bring 3 oz. of clean 100% wool roving,(not Superwash! It needs to felt!), 3 oz. of clean fleece, a nylon stocking leg or a couple of long socks. If you have needle felting tools, please bring them to share, Hannah will have a couple to share as well.
January meeting at Bartley Ranch School House Jan.14th

Monday, December 5, 2016

November 2016 Minutes

Guild Minutes November 12, 2016
 In Attendance: Margery McConaghy, Rebecca Hess, Hannah Woods, Nancy Pryor, Bev Perkins, Lavana Ritch, Janet Drozd, Myna Kent, Ashley Thibedeau, Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Iwahashi, Maureen Oisani, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Annabelle Younger, Patti O’Brien, Judy Quinlan, Debbi Lynn Smith, Patty Tischer, Julie Svoboda, Virva Porcelli, Miriam Volpin, Mimi Bullard, Heidi Ericson, Judy Wells, Jo Van Winkle
 Treasurer’s Report: As of 10/7/16, our balance was $4,604.39. We received $25.00 in dues, and $100.00 refund deposit from Washoe County Parks. As 11/11/16, our balance is $4,729.39 with 45 members for 2016 and 1 member for 2017.
Old Business: Our December meeting will be our Christmas Party, Handmade Ornament Exchange and our Potluck!
 Learning Trees for 2017- January- Hannah will show us how to make Dryer Balls February- Nancy will be teaching us Basic Weaving March- Gina will be teaching us Shibori April-Annabelle will teach us how to make Boucle yarn May- June- We will be dyeing fiber with indigo and other natural dye stuffs at Mimi’s house.  August-Nancy will be teaching us how to dye all colors in one pot at Marilynn’s house October- Hannah will be teaching us Quill spinning, possibly.
  Heidi is putting together a Care Package for Max due to the loss of her spindles, yarn, and material in the move. She will collect any last contributions at the December meeting and send the box off to Max.
 Virva brought in a box of donated items from a Lady to share.
 New Business: We are renewing our subscription to Spin-Off magazine, the have a DVD at the end of the year containing all the issues. We will be subscribing to Ply magazine. 2017 Officers will remain the same.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Minutes October 8, 2016

Guild Minutes October 8, 2016
 In Attendance: Mariann LaMorte, Virva Porcelli, Angela Alter, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Maureen Pisani, Judy Quinlan, Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Iwahashi, Sandi Steele, Nancy Pryor, Mimi Bullard, Jo Van Winkle Treasurer’s Report: As of 10/8/16, our balance was $4305.82. We received $55.00 for White Elephant items, and $20.00 for 4 spindle kits at the Retreat, $45.00 for 9 spindle kits at the Celtic Celebration, and $250.00 for our participation in the Living History section of the Celtic Celebration. We paid out $31.77 for spindle kit supplies, and $39.66 for the dyeing day at the Retreat supplies. Our balance, as of 10/7/16 is $4604.39 with 45 members.
 Old Business: Our November 12th meeting will be the Mad Hatter’s Batt Party. If you wish to participate in the optional fiber exchange, please bring a 4 oz. box of fiber, in 1 oz. increments to trade. Otherwise, bring fiber to card with all the additions. Please bring any extra odds & ends to share on the “community table”. Our motto is, “Give a little, take a little”.
 New Business: Reservations for our meetings for Oct.-April for next year at the schoolhouse have been made with Ranger John. Our other meetings will be held: May-Doris Woloszyn’s home June- Mimi Bullard’s home including an overnight rendezvous July- We will be participating in the Maker’s Fair August- Marilynn Clarke’s or the Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael September- Spinster’s Retreat at Davis Creek Campground in Washoe Valley.
  Please bring Learning Tree suggestions for our 2017 year to the November meeting so we can plan for the new year!
Our next meeting for November will be at Bartley Ranch Park in the school house. Saturday November 12th

Minutes September 10, 2016

Guild Minutes September 10, 2016
In Attendance:
Margie McConaghy, Carrie Bleak, Jo Van Winkle, Gina Caudillo & Mom Ginger, Claudia Quarisa, Sandi Steele, Heidi Ericson, Kendra Iwahashi, Ashley, Joe, and Kaylee Thibedeau, Hannah Woods, Alyce Brown, Marilyn Clarke, Nancy Pryor, Julie Svoboda, Sharie Jones, Virva Porcelli, Doris Woloszyn.
Treasurer’s Report:
As of 8/12/16, our balance was $4420.82 with 44 members. We received $25.00 in dues, $15.00 for 3 spindle kits. We paid out $155.00 for the wooden wheels to make the spindles. Our balance as of 9/9/16 is $4305.82 with 45 members.
Old Business:
Celtic Fair, we will be in the Living History section. Set-up will be at 4 on Friday, 9/30, and tear down will be at 5 on Sunday 10/2. Please sign up for when you will be able to participate.
Nevada Day at the Historical Society will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. This will be free for demonstrators and $50.00 for sellers. Parking will not be an issue as UNR has no events scheduled on that day.
New Business:
Mad Hatter Batt Party at our November meeting, 11/12. Sharie suggested that each person participating make up a 4 oz. box of fiber to trade for a fiber exchange. If you have any extra materials to donate, please bring them.
Virva has the contact information regarding a 60” LeClerc loom that is free to a new home. It will need to be moved with a truck.

Nancy reported that the Reno Fiber Guild will have a “Try Your Hand at Weaving” event at the South Valleys Library on Sept. 24 from 11-2.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Minutes August 2016

In Attendance: Judy Wells, Doris Woloszyn, Maureen Pisani, Mary Sherman, Chris Lopez, Carol Lopez, Cindy Vogel, Gina Caudillo, Hannah Woods, Rebecca Hess, Virva Porcelli, Marilyn Clarke, Nancy Pryor, Mimi Bullard, Margery McConaghy, Jo Van Winkle, Heidi Ericson, Gina Iwahashi, Ashley Thibideau, Karen
 Treasurer’s Report: As of May 13, 2016, our balance was $4,383.82. We received $150.00 for 6 membership dues, $27.00 for White Elephant items, and $10.00 for 2 Spindle kits. We paid out $150.00 for vendor space at the Nevada State Fair. As of August 12, 2016, our balance is $4,420.82 with 44 members.
 Old Business: Celtic Fair Oct. 1 & Oct.2: Heidi needs a firm count of who will be attending on each day please. Set-up will be Friday night, Sept. 30. Spinster’s Retreat and September meeting at Davis Creek Park, Sept. 9,10 & 11-Campers will have the site from noon on Friday until noon on Sunday.
The Learning Tree will be dyeing protein fibers, so bring your fiber! We will also be putting together spindle kits.
 Maker’s Fair 2017 discussion- Talked about having 2 booths next year, 20’x10’. This would be $130.00 which includes a temporary business license with 10% going to the Guild. Also discussed adding a Guild sales booth 10’x10’ for $65.00. Open to more discussion and ideas.
 State Fair- We are not planning to participate next year, at this point but will make a decision after we find out what is planned for next year.
 Our June meeting next year will be called Mimi’s Rendevous and will be held at Mimi Bullard’s! New Business: Nevada Day at the Historical Society will be held on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. This will be free for demonstrators and $50.00 for sellers. Parking is a nightmare there so Marilynn Clarke offered parking at her house and then carpooling down to the Historical Society.

  • Our next meeting is our spinner retreat September 10-Davis Creek Campground - Pot Luck
  • See you soon!!