Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013 Minutes

CSSW Minutes 01.12.13
Treasurer’s Report:
We have received $ 75.00 in dues, $ 8.00 for raffle tickets, $ 40.00 for silent auction items.
We spent $ 69.46 for CDs for our library.
We had a total of 48 members in 2012, and 6 members have paid their dues for 2013.
We have $ 3035.04 in our account.

We have 5 CDs of Interweave magazines.
Heidi will research to buy for the book Dyeing in the Kitchen. The request for this book came from Virva.

Old Business:
Correction for November newsletter- Cotton Spinning With a Takli by Joan Ruiz.
Marilynne reported that Zephyr Books is going out of business and they have many nice weaving books.
Virva reported that Beryl emailed her that there are still openings for the Tailgate Market at CNCH in May.
Mimi reported that Allison Judge invited the Guild to participate in a Cotton Spinning Workshop to be held in October possibly, as not enough people signed up for the one scheduled for May. The workshop will be $150 per person.
Maxene reported dates for Stitches are February 21-23 in Santa Clara, CA, at the Convention Center. Please contact Max at for more information.
Virva already reserved Bartley Ranch for our November 9th meeting.

New Business:
Nancy reported she has the Guild’s two Dorothy looms and has one of them warped for double weave.
Sharie suggested we have a Learning Tree on double weave and that we get DVD’s on simple weaving.
Virva will get information regarding the fleece from Judith McKenzie.
Virva reported that Sandy from the Cooperative Extension Service and Carson Farm Days will be on April 18-19 at Fuji Park, from 8:30-2:00. If anyone would like to participate with Virva, please contact Virva for more information.
Doris reported that the Black Sheep Gathering will be held June 21-23 in Eugene, OR. For more information, go to their website: ,or contact Doris.

Show & Tell:
Marilynne shared her spindle case basket , a gift from Doris. She also shared a story about losing her bracelet off the top of her dresser. Three weeks after she noticed it was missing, her husband kicked something in the Persian carpets and realized it was her bracelet. It had blended right in!
Eileen shared the Dickie she made from 4 oz. of Mimi’s roving. The pattern is from Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting in the Round.
Kendra shared the beautiful, wire wrapped stone, drop spindle she made because she got bored!
Margery asked that if anyone came across “quail” sized dipper gourds to please get them for her and she would pay for them.
Nancy shared a Cowboy Cowl from Pam Power Knits.
Virva shared the yarn she made from the “punis” she made from Leslie Boeger’s yarn workshop. She also showed some takli cups and will bring in her silk label shuttle to share.
Heidi shared 5 skeins of wool and wool blend yarn she had made using the takli with the “spoon” anchored under her leg.
Sharie shared her circular double-ended knitting needles and a knitting needle holder that hangs on the wall with the needles going thru the spools. She shared a shawlette she made from yarn from Leslie Boeger’s yarn workshop. She shared the first cotton yarn made with her takli.
Max shared a sock monkey backpack, her chevron up & down skirt pattern, and told us she is going to make the skirts to sell instead of offering kits. Coats & Clark wants to hire her to create a downloadable pattern for the skirts!
Jane Gaw, a former member brought in yarn to sell and a loom as she’s downsizing and can’t weave anymore.

In Attendance:
Virva Porcelli, Jane Gaw, Maxene Harlow, Sharie Jones, Judy Wells, Sue Gottracher, Sheila Young, Sarah V. Corrasao, Natalie Huynh, Janet Drozd, Eileen Jacobs, Kendra Iwahashi, Connie Vann, Margery McConaghy, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Jo Van Winkle, Mimi Bullard, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynne Clarke

Our next meeting will be February 9th at:

Bartley Ranch:.  Drive .8 mile west from the intersection of McCarran Blvd and Hwy 395.  Turn left (south) on Lakeside Drive and continue .4 mile.  Bartley Ranch is at the north base of Windy Hill.  Turn left on Bartley Ranch Road and continue several hundred feet to the main parking lot.  Cross the covered bridge and turn right into the parking lot for the School House.