Thursday, April 7, 2016

March 2016 Minutes

Guild Minutes March 12, 2016 Attendance: Jo Van Winkle, Carrie Bleak, Margie McConaghy, Carolyn Thompson, Virva Porcelli, Janet Schueller, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Judy Wells, Annabelle, Younger, Ashley Thibedeau, Gina Iwahashi, Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Caudillo, Ruth Flagg, Lilli Moffit, Connie Vann, Hannah Woods, Bev Perkins, Leslie Godbe, Mimi Bullard, Nancy Pryor, Alyce Brown, Myah Dressback, Angela Alter, Anna Harvey
 Treasurer’s Report: As of 2/12/2016 our balance was $4,603.26. We have received $300.00 for 12 dues, $41.00 for White Elephant items, and $5.00 for a spindle kit. We have paid $422.00 for our insurance, and $318.44 as a subsidy for the Color Workshops. Our balance as of 3/11/2016 is $4,206.82 with 33 members.
 Old Business: CNCH will be held in Modesto, CA, April 8-10, enrollment opened Jan. 3, an individual membership is $5. Nancy Pryor is our liaison for CNCH. Capital City Farm Days will be held in Fuji Park, Carson City Apr. 21-22. We will sign up for the booth schedule at the April meeting. Our Guild Display is in the cabinet at the North Valleys Library for the month of March if you haven’t seen it yet.
 There is still confusion about the State Fair, Nancy Pryor will continue to work on getting the information from the State Fair person. Black Sheep Gathering will be held June 24-26th in Eugene, OR. Hannah is going. For more information:
 Art in the Park in the Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael, in Honey’s Garden, will be held on Sunday, July 24th starting at 9 a.m. Marilynn will bring the forms for sellers to the April meeting, they can also be obtained from the Arboretum office and possibly the website. Sales tax must be collected and paid at the end of the event. Come and sit, spin or sell! Wonderful event!
 Fiber Exchange- Marilynn is willing to set up dyes for your fiber, at the meeting, at her house, in June if anyone is interested.
 New Business: April Learning Tree will feature Mike Herzog who will instruct us on photography. Jo and Carrie will be setting up tables in the parking lot at the April meeting with all of Maxene’s donated material and patterns right after the business part of the meeting. It’s free to whomever could use it! Wide variety of beautiful material!!

Next meeting is at Bartley Ranch Park on April 9th.