Tuesday, December 8, 2009

November 11th Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: Mary B., co-president, called the meeting to order and welcomed all present. Introductions were made. Eighteen people were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report – Doris
We have four new members and one member renewed as of 11/13/09. One spindle kit was sold. A check for $50.00 was received from the Celtic Event organizers. Nancy Pryor gave $6.00 from the Weaving Study Group. The magazines for donations from last meeting raised $19.00. She sent $400.00 to Heifer International and $300.00 to the Nevada State Fair. Currently we have 53 paid members. Current balance is $2,002.02.

Membership runs from January through December. Send dues to: Doris Woloszyn,
P. O. Box 229 Chilcoot, CA 96105 and make checks payable to: Carson Sierra Spinners & Weavers. Dues are $25.00 a year.

Committee Reports

Spinning Workshop – Nancy Pryor
Date for Stephenie Gaustad spinning workshop is March 20, 2010. Location will be announced. Give Nancy any suggestions about what you want to learn.

Learning Tree- Mim
No Learning Tree in December due to Christmas party. January will be a carding workshop. Bring what carding equipment you have. Mim will teach this Learning Tree.

Weaving Study Group – Nancy Pryor
The next meeting will be in January at Linda Lindsay’s home. More details to follow.

Old Business

December Meeting
Meeting is December 12, 2009 at Bartley Ranch School House. Bring white elephant items. There will also be some items for sale by some individuals. There is an ornament exchange for anyone who is interested.

Meeting Locations for 2010
Sky Peaks – 1/9, 3/13, 11/13
Bartley Ranch School House – 2/13, 4/10, 5/9, 10/9, 12/11
Mim’s house – 6/12
Nicole Kelly’s house – 7/10
Hazel Ryland’s home – 8/14
Davis Creek State Park – 9/10 through 9/12

Amy motioned for Doris to pay $100 deposit if requested by Davis Creek State Park. Mim seconded. Motioned passed.

New Business

Sky Peaks Craft Fair - Virva
Sky Peaks is holding a craft fair in November on either the 17th or 24th. People who might be interested in selling something should contact Lisa at Sky Peaks 775-747-9555. Items should be reasonably priced.

Lights for State Fair Booth – Mary B.
She suggested that we consider buying 10 strands of small white Christmas lights to use on our booth at the State Fair. They usually go on sale this time of year. She has provided lights in the past and may not be able to do that this coming year.

Alpaca Fair – Toni
A fair with alpaca items and a craft fair will be held on December 6th from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Jeanette Miller’s (Sierra Nevada Alpacas)

Interweave Press Discount – Amy
Amy has our group discount code available. Contact her for the number to use when ordering publications from Interweave Press.

Show ‘n Tell

Mary B. – maroon cable knit sweater & new lavender yarn.
Amy – cowl knit from alpaca hand spun & dyed. Pattern was Ridged Lace Cowl
Olivia – hand knit cowl
Mim – buttons she felted by putting wool over metal button
Nancy Pryor- notebook with sweater patterns
Marilynn – woven rug dyed with henna that her sister purchased in Morocco
Heidi – went to SOAR Oct. 24-31 in Sun River, OR. She had lots of fun and gained lots of knowledge.
Janet – used Marilynn’s method of frozen flower petals and dyed scarves with hollyhock flowers
Eileen – knit “socks” for sun glasses
Barbara – scarf knit with inter lock made from Noro yarn

The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by,

Judy Wells.