Saturday, September 2, 2017

August 2017 Minutes

Guild Minutes: August 12, 2017

In Attendance: Margie McConaghy, Lindsey Doolittle, Marilynn Clarke, Virva Porcelli, Hannah Woods, Janice Johnson, Syrus Beck, Heidi Ericson, Nicole Kelly, Nancy Pryor, Kendra Iwahashi, Gina Caudillo, Alyce Brown and Myah Dressback, Doris Woloszyn, Judy Wells, Sandi Steele, Sue Gottschalk, Angela Alter, Julie Svoboda, Tricia Harris, Jo Van Winkle

Treasurer’s Report: As of June 9, 2017, we had 30 members. We received dues for 3 members, dues for 1 member for 2 years, sold 3 spindle kits, traded an indigo dye kit for 1 member’s dues, received reimbursement for Vendor space for the Maker’s Fair, and sold 3 more spindle kits. We paid out monies for 2 Easy-Up canopies and 2 DVD’s for the library. We currently have 35 members.

Old Business: Our next meeting, our Spinsters Retreat will be at the Davis Creek Campground. The site will be open for campers at noon on Friday, Sept. 8 and our meeting will be at 11:00 on Sat., Sept. 9th. We will have a potluck lunch and Shibori dyeing with Gina Iwahashi as a Learning Tree. Check out time is 11:00 on Sunday.

The Celtic Fair will be held on Oct. 7-8th at Bartley Ranch.
Convergence will be held at the Peppermill in July of 2018. Nancy Pryor and Marilynn Clarke will keep us updated. General volunteers will be needed.

Virva Porcelli and Doris Woloszyn have participated in the Gold Discovery Days, the 3rd weekend in July at Plumas Eureka State Park, Johnsville by Graeagle and the Plumas Sierra County Fair, the first full weekend in August at the Quincy Fairgrounds and wanted to invite everyone else who is interested! The sheep show is held on the Thursday before.

New Business: We have been invited back to participate in the Nevada Day event at the Nevada Historical Society on Oct. 28 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Marilynn Clarke and Nancy Pryor informed us about Lilly’s Place, which will be opening in the Reno Rails Building on 4th St. in Reno. It will be available to rent out for workshops, etc. They will keep us informed of the progress and let us know when volunteer help is needed.

Hannah Woods let us know she will be teaching a 2 day workshop and Art Retreat on Spinning Luxury Fibers at St. Mary’s in Virginia City. She will keep us updated.
We discussed having Sheep-To-Shawl practice for Convergence as Learning Trees at our January, February, and March meetings.
We will set up our Learning Trees for the year at our November meeting as well as nominate officers for the coming year.

Nancy Pryor is doing research in order to find a storage unit for all the Guild equipment, she will keep us updated.

Our next meeting is at Davis Creek Camp Ground for our annual Spinsters Retreat this September 9th.

June 2017 Minutes

Guild Minutes: June 10, 2017

In Attendance: Rebecca Hess, Margery McConaghy, Virva Porcelli, Angela Alter, Gina Caudillo, Marilynn Clarke, Judy Wells, Doris Woloszyn, Patti O’Brien, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Mimi Bullard, Nancy Duval, Kit Bowser, Alyce Brown

Treasurer’s Report: As of 5/12/2017, our balance was $3,951.39 with 25 members. We received $125.00 for 5 members, paid out $65.00 for the sales booth at the Mini Makers Fair, vendor members will split this cost, and $103.95 for the gift card for Virva. Our balance as of 6/9/17 is $3, 907.44 with 30 members.

Old Business:
July 30, from 10-4, The Arboretum at Rancho San Rafael will participate in Art Town with, “How Crafts are Inspired by Nature”. We will be in Honey’s Garden under the pergola.

Celtic Fair will be Oct. 7-8 at Bartley Ranch. Heidi will give us updates in the future and people are needed to commit to setting up, demonstrating, and tearing down. If you wish to sell, you will need a license, a $200.00 booth fee, and liability insurance.

HGA will be July 5-12th, 2018 at the Peppermill, we will participate with the Basketweavers, and the Reno Fiber Guild. Our Guild is officially a member now. A Sheep-to-Shawl completion was discussed. They will do a tour of the vault of prehistoric baskets and textiles.

New Business:

Our August 12th meeting will be held at Marilynn Clarke’s home. She will give us a garden tour and show us natural dye plants.