Thursday, February 12, 2015

January Minutes 2015

Guild Minutes 1/10/2015

In attendance: 
Janet Drozd, Marilyn Pearson, Mary Sherman, Carol Lopez, Shana Dollarhide, Heidi Ericson, Myna Gianotti, Ashley Thibedeau, Kendra Iwahashi, Jenny Rader, Sandi Steele, Virva Porcelli, Alyce Brown, Georgina Bernard, Patti O’Brien, Mary B., Angela Alter, Nancy Pryor, Susan Palwock, Hannah Woods, Sharie Jones, Maxene Harlow, Margery McConaghy, Carrie Bleak, Jo Van Winkle, Karen Young, Claire Young, Doris Woloszyn

Treasurer’s Report:
Doris reported we have 17 paid members for 2015 with 11 dues paid in Dec. $51 was collected from the silent auction 

New Business:
Bast Fiber Workshop with Stephanie Gaustid in May. Nancy Pryor will check with Sky Peak for prices. Workshop would cost $450 per day plus expenses. This item was tabled until details can be worked out.

Nancy Pryor reported that the Celtic Faire and Catherine are having some issues, it will be determined later if we will be participating. Catherine was given 40 acres in Yerington and may start a year-round Celtic Village.
There is no news to report on the State Fair that will be held July 30-Aug.2 in Fuji Park in Carson City. Nancy will keep in contact with Susan Tyler and report when she hears any details.

Stitches West will be held in Santa Clara, CA,  Feb.19-22nd.

Learning Trees:
Feb.-Long Draw spinning
Mar.-Weaving on rigid heddle loom
Apr.-Wheel maintenance and trouble-shooting. We will also watch Judith McKenzie’s DVD

Next meeting February 14th at the school house at Bartley Ranch