Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 9th 2010 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 9:30 am by Heidi Ericson, as Virva Porcelli was unable to attend. Heidi distributed advanced copies of the handspun portion of the Nevada State Fair handbook. The fair handbook is also available on the Nevada State Fair website.

Only 2 more weeks until the spindle retreat! No raffle was held today due to the increased visitor traffic for Planting Day at the park.
Do you have any input regarding the scholarship fund? If so, please contact Amy or Allison.

Old Business: The guild library is now located at Heidi’s house in Reno. There is a list on the blog site of library contents. Heidi is planning on storing the books in some sort of order, and will be bringing selections from the library to meetings so members are better able to peruse the media for something to take home and look at.

Please remember the Multicultural Festival is being held next Saturday at the community college in Carson City.

New guild business cards are available! Please see Heidi for them.

Mary asked if the guild has a policy in place to assist with guild dues if a member is unable to pay. It was discussed with Doris, and decided that if you know of a person who is financially unable to pay their dues, it should be brought to Doris’ attention privately, so assistance could be provided.

Treasurer Report: Two more dues were accepted, one spindle kit was sold, $50 was made off the last raffle, and one vendor donated $6 at the last meeting resulting in a balance of $ 2231.04. We now have a total of 36 paid members. Doris gave a breakdown of guild monies for 2009 as follows:
53 members: $1300
Raffle: $ 291.50
Workshop: $ 60.00
Weaving study group: $ 40
Fiber donation proceeds: $ 544
Demo donation: $ 50
Vendor donations: $ 17
Spindle kits: $ 102
For 2010 breakdown as follows:
36 members: $ 900
Raffle: $ 171
Study group: $4
Vendor donations: $19
Spindle kits: $ 25
Workshop: $ 75
Less $519 for insurance, and $350 for the Davis Creek Retreat. (deposit refundable)

Eileen suggested we make some of the raffle money available to buy new releases for our guild library. Many of the books and videos are old, and new items may bring more interest. As always, donations of money or new books or videos to build up the library are greatly welcome. If you can think of ways to update the library please bring your ideas to a meeting.

Weaving study group meeting will be held Saturday May 15th at Toni Strassburg’s house. The address is 93898 State Hwy 70 in Chilcoot CA. Please email Toni at for directions. Group meets from 10 am to 2 pm.

Show and Tell
Heidi: Respect the Spindle book review with a skein of yarn plied using instruction from the book.
Libby: Beautiful beaded scarf
Mary: Lovely green scarf and shawl made from Knitpicks yarn in Grasshopper.
Nancy P: Tie-dyed baby shirts, 2 harness woven sample.
Eileen: Fold-able wagon from Costco.

A demonstration of easy yarn beading was given by Libby after the meeting - Thank you Libby!
Next meeting will be June 12th at Mimi Bullard’s house in Red Rock.

Those in attendance this month were: Eileen Jacobs, Toni Strassburg, Barbara Hunt, Libby Hejny, Sharie L. Jones, Mary B., Estes Ward, Connie Vann, Nancy Pryor, Heidi Ericson, Doris Woloszyn, Sue Gottsacker.

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