Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Minutes for December 2016 Meeting

Guild Minutes December 10, 2016

In Attendance: Margery McConaghy, Nancy Pryor, Bev Perkins, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Heidi Ericson, Judy Wells, Carrie Bleak, Gina Caudillo, Angela Alter, Alyce Brown and Myah

Treasurer’s Report:
As of 11/11/2016, our balance was $4,729.39. We received $125.00 in dues, and $5.00 for a spindle kit. As 12/9/16, our balance is $4,859.39 with 45 members for 2016 and 6 members for 2017.
Old Business:
Learning Trees for 2017-
January- Hannah will show us how to make Dryer Balls
February- Nancy will be teaching us Basic Weaving
March- Gina will be teaching us Shibori
April-Annabelle will teach us how to make Boucle yarn ???
May- ??? at Doris’s
June- We will be dyeing fiber with indigo and other natural dye stuffs at Mimi’s house
August-Nancy will be teaching us how to dye all colors in one pot at Marilynn’s house
September- ??? at Retreat
October- Hannah will be teaching us Quill spinning, possibly

New Business:
January Learning Tree Supplies for Wool Dryer Balls:

Hannah will have kits available for $5, (not including a needle felting tool). If not purchasing a kit, please bring 3 oz. of clean 100% wool roving,(not Superwash! It needs to felt!), 3 oz. of clean fleece, a nylon stocking leg or a couple of long socks. If you have needle felting tools, please bring them to share, Hannah will have a couple to share as well.
January meeting at Bartley Ranch School House Jan.14th

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