Monday, January 23, 2017

January 2017 Minutes

Carson Sierra Spinners and Weavers Guild Meeting Minutes – 1/14/17
Call to order at 11am, welcome, dues are due to Doris – they are $25/year
Intros, In attendance – Hannah Woods, Sandi Steele, Gina Caudillo, Bev Perkins, Amy Shannon, Allison Judge, Julie Svboda, Jenny Rader, Janet Schuells, Ashley Thibedeau, Heidi Ericson, Virva Porcelli, Leslie Gobbe, Connie Vann, Margerie McConaghy, Nancy Pryor, Lisa Stevenson, Judy Wells, Rhonda LaFontaine, Doris W., Marilyn Clark, Angela Alter
Treasurer Report – as of 12/9/16 balance is $4859.39, 45 members for 2016 (6 for 2017), 3 dues collected + $75, Deposit for Davis Creek Campground (Sept 8-10, 2017) - $350, total as of 1/13/17 is $4584.39.
Old Business – Learning tree today is making dryer balls with Hannah, update to learning tree schedule for the year – Annabelle is unable to teach in April (she will teach Art Yarns in Oct) so Heidi will teach tablet weaving in April (Nancy P. to supplement or teach if Heidi is not able to), in May Doris will show us how to check fleeces for all kinds of problems, in Sept at the retreat we will probably do more dying.
New Business – February learning tree will be beginning weaving with Nancy P – please bring notebook and calculator with square root function, Stitches West is Feb 23-26 and Angela Alter is looking for a pal to go with her (she is driving) please contact her if you are interested. Bartley Ranch Park will be closed Nov 11th (Veterans Day, our normal meeting day) including the schoolhouse so we need to find a different location that day – Nancy P will looking into Sky Peaks (if no fee needed she will make reservation) and will report at Feb meeting, South Valley Library was suggested but they will be closed as well, Gina looked into a place called Create in Reno but will not work for us. 2018 will be exciting year for Fiber Arts around the Reno area – April will have the CNCH conference up at Squaw Valley, July will have HGA Convergence at the Peppermill! Discussed becoming members of both HGA and CNCH – Nancy P will f/u with HGA, Hannah will f/u with CNCH. Both to report at Feb meeting.
Ripple Scarf Pattern the Heidi and Connie were working on – K2tog, K5, KFB, K4 (12 sts)

Next Meeting is on Feb 11, 2017 at Bartley Ranch Schoolhouse.

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