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June 2009 Meeting Minutes

June 13, 2009 Minutes

Meeting Called to Order: Mary B.. co-president, called the meeting to order and welcomed all present. Twenty-three people were in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report – Doris
Our balance has gone up since the fiber sale. All total we have made $522.00 from the fiber sale. There is one more pound of soy silk fiber to sell. We have one new member. We received $5 donation for the inkle workshop, plus $22.00 were received for our donated items. We have collected $150.00 for the Keep the Fleece International scarf project. Balance in our account is $1,876.38. We will have some upcoming fair expenses. Davis Creek Campground is already paid for for our September meeting.

Doris suggested we do not pay $50.00 to join HGA (Handweaver’s Guild of America). After some discussion, all agreed not to renew our membership.

Membership runs from January through December. Send dues to: Doris Woloszyn,
P. O. Box 229 Chilcoot, CA 96105 and make checks payable to: Carson Sierra Spinners & Weavers.

Committee Reports

Old Business

State Fair – Amy
No open sheep show. We’re still looking for judges for fleece and fiber arts. Marilynn suggested we go to Placer Co. for judges since many people from here have judged there. The fair is Aug. 26th through 30th. Doris mentioned we need to make more drop spindles. Mary B. suggested having 30 kits. Doris said we have sold up to 20 kits before. Nancy Pryor volunteered to make the kits for the guild.

Connie mentioned in the past that we had talked about donating something that is handmade and use that to raise funds for the guild. Amy suggested that we are currently asking for donations for the Keep the Fleece scarf project, so maybe we should not ask for anything this year, but discuss it later in the year for something to do in 2010. Everyone agreed with Amy’s suggestion. Mary B. said we all might consider making something that we would donate to the guild to help us raise funds for our organization.

Learning Tree – Barbara

Barbara is stepping down from this committee. Mim is on the committee and is having a project at her place for July’s meeting. Today Barbara will show magic loop knitting.

Weaving Study Group – Nancy Pryor

The June meeting will be at Marilynn Clarkes’ home on June 27th from 10AM-2PM. Nancy will be warping her loom. Cost is $20.00.

Keep the Fleece World’s Largest Scarf Project

Heidi is not here today to give a report. Currently Annabelle has the scarf.

Meeting Site for November
Linda Lindsay will contact the Carson City National Guard Armory to see if the space is available. She also mentioned there is a coffee shop in Dayton that has a meeting room available. Mary B. has reserved Sky Peaks for November just in case the Armory is not available.

Meeting Locations

Jan- Sky Peak
Feb. & March – South Valley Library
April, June, August, Oct. & Dec –Bartley Ranch
May-Doris Woloszyn
July- Mim Bullard
Nov.- to be determined.

Storage of Guild Items
Annabelle has taken the tubs with the fair items from Toni and is storing them for us.

Western Heritage Festival – Amy
It was held on May 30th from 2pm-7pm. Not many from the guild were present. Even though the weather wasn’t the best it seemed to go fairly well.

New Business

Animal Ark -Amy
They are looking for someone interested in spinning some wool. They use the items made from this wool to sell in their gift shop. The wool is not very clean and cannot be washed before making an item or the item will felt. It might be best to blend their wool with some of your own. Contact Animal Ark if you are interested.

Military Hats – Sue Gottsacker
A total of 47 hats were made for our military from local fiber artists.

Weaving Websites
Sharon mentioned a new website call Weave-a-lution coming this summer. You will be able to browse this site, Mary B. mention a great site for lots of patterns is in Ravelry.

Donated Items Available
Janet mentioned we made $51.00 today on donated items of hand knit socks by Toni and two plants. The socks were donated from the winner from last month.

Show ‘n Tell
Mary B. – spun on the new Bee wheel and said it is very nice spinning and is very compact. Amy was going to put a link to their site. Showed baby blankets with crochet edges, plus pink yarn she bought at The Wool Room in Quincy.
Linda Lindsay – found the sample crochet book done by her grandmother
Connie – woven golf towels
Nancy Pryor – took a class on weave structure and showed woven silk scarf
Kathleen – long thigh high socks for her daughter
Marilynn – dyed yarn and plied with silk
Eileen – handspun skein of llama
Linda Loken. – double weave pickup sampler
Carolyn – handspun skein from Mim’s roving
Sharon – hand knit socks, knit hat and finger gloves from Noro yarn
Mary L. – knit poncho for her granddaughter

The meeting was adjourned for pot luck lunch.

Submitted by Judy Wells

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