Monday, May 7, 2018

April 2018 Minutes

Guild Minutes April 14, 2018

In Attendance: Niki Silveria, Alyce Brown, Marilynn Clarke, Bev Perkins, Carol Lopez, Chris Lopez, Patti O’Brien, Cindy Peterson, Janice Johnson, Deanna West, Jo Johnson, Carolyn Thompson, Connie Vann, Judy Wells, Virva Porcelli, Mary Sherman, Sue Gottsacker, Gina Caudillo, Heidi Ericson, Jo Van Winkle

Treasurer’s Report:

Old Business:

New Business: Art in the Park at the Rancho San Rafael Arboretum will be held on July 29th. Vendor applications make be picked up in the Arboretum office. More information later.

Casino Fandango, in Carson City has invited us to their event on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28, there will be free tables for vendors.
Carpet Tenders is selling a carpet loom, 5’x4 ½’x6’, if you are interested, please call Joe at 825-9433.

Now directions to Miriam's house. Please read carefully and park out in the road not in the shared drive way.

From Miriam:

My address 1250 Davidson Way. Phone is 503-997-1039

My house is off of Plumb Ln, and three short blocks west of Hunter Lake.

If you are on Plumb coming west, you will cross Hunter Lake, go past two small streets on the right, and then, when you see the three arrows indicating the road is going from 4 lanes to two, turn right at the end of the third arrow.

If you are coming from further away/freeway, get off of 80 at the McCarren west exit. Head south to Plumb (which is Coughlin Ranch on the west side of McCarren), turn east onto Plumb.

Again, look for the change from 2 to 4 lanes, look for the three arrows and turn at the top of the third one.

Davidson Way is a two block long dead end street. My house is behind the last house on the street. Before you  reach the last house, you will see on the right three mail boxes, and a long driveway that says "not a public road." My house is at the end of that driveway - green, and the only two story house in the little group at the end of the road.

There is room for a few cars in front of my house, but I share the driveway, so unless you have mobility issues, please park on the street. If you have a bunch of stuff with you, you can drive down, drop it off, and then go back out.

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