Sunday, May 22, 2016

Summer Changes

Hi All - Thank you to those who were able to come to the meeting last week at Doris's! It was great to see a couple of people we haven't seen for a while, too. As you know, there were a couple of big votes regarding the meetings for the next couple of months. Here is the outcome of the voting: It was decided that there will be no formal meetings either June or July. Instead, you are invited to demonstrate at the guilds booth both at the State Fair in June (6/9 - 6/12) and at the Reno Mini Maker Faire in July (7/9.) Details will be forthcoming as we have them. Our next official meeting will be the second weekend of August at the Arboretum (Rancho San Rafael Park.) If you have questions please contact myself, Virva, Jo, or Doris.

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  1. I will be coming down to Reno from Kalispell, MT on the 12th of July and have this loom for sale... just incase any one from the Reno guild is interested in purchasing it. I have attached photos..
    It is a maple counterbalance loom with 4 shafts, 6 treadles. The little shelf and the two side beams are made from bird's eye maple. It comes with an eight and a three 1/2 dent reeds. It has been very lovingly taken care of as the aprons loom brand new. The heddles are very nice and slide easily. It has a 45" weaving space. I am asking 750.00, but am receptive to offers.
    Diana Blair 406-756-6772 There are photos on facebook on the Montana Assoc of Weavers and Spinners site. Or email me at and I will send then directly to you.