Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July 2012 Minutes

Meeting Minutes June 2012
Our guild meeting was held at the home of Marilynn Clarke in Reno, Nevada. Thank you Marilynn, for providing a beautiful sunny spot for us to meet. Heidi Ericson filled in for Virva, as she was unavailable to attend. Thank you very much Heidi!
Treasurer Report: 41 paid members and a total of $2841.84 guild balance.
Old Business: Living History Fair at Miguel Ribera park was nice, but the attendance seemed sparse.
There is still room for attendance at Marilynn’s dye workshop to be held in August. Please contact Marilynn Clarke to reserve your spot. Workshop to be held August 4th and 5th.
Learning tree for this meeting will be dead head flower dying after the meeting. Marilynn is providing freezer dried blooms for instruction.
New Business: An art yarn class to be held during our annual retreat was discussed. Cost was determined at approximately $70 per person, with the chance of cost going up or down depending on participation. Lexi Boger from Plucky Fluff would be the instructor for the class. July will be the deadline for decision regarding the class. Discussion regarding the guild paying part of the class cost followed.
Introductions were held at the end of the meeting. We had two guests, Robin Gallagher, and Margery McConaghy.
Show and Tell: Heidi started show and tell with some beautiful woven towels. Toni- scarf and hat. Marilynn had plant sale leftovers. Mary shared her Stephanie scarf #2,  Nancy- ball yarn holder. Sherrie- an ingenious hair ‘pick‘ comb hackle, charm stitch markers, drum carded batts.  Max- a lovingly reconditioned drum carder and accessory bags.  Margery - beautiful hand decorated gourds. Gary- stunning weavings.
Those in attendance included: Robin Gallagher, Heidi Ericson, Toni Strassburg, Mim Bullard, Doris Woloszyn, Marilynn Clarke, Kendra Iwahashi, Julie Smith, Sharon Rajki, Susan Palwick, Carolyn Thompson, Marilyn Pearson, Nancy Pryor, Margery McConaghy, Sharie Jones, Maxene Harlow.

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